Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Request for Quote

Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Request for Quote
OpenCart Marketplace Request for Quote (RFQ) will allow the customer to purchase the products in bulk at customized rates. Additionally, the RFQ plugin allows the customer to raise a quote for the products which are not part of the store.

Whereas the admin can assign these quotes to the sellers or it can be auto-assigned depending on the admin configurations. Thus, allowing the seller to review the quotes and take appropriate actions on the quotes. Admin can monitor these quotes as per requirement. Additionally, this module empowers the seller and customer to have good communication over the quote.

Opencart Marketplace Request for Quote module is an add-on of the Opencart Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed the Marketplace Module.


1. This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.

2. Opencart Marketplace Request For Quote module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Use Case

The RFQ module gives the power to the customer to place the order of the product in bulk. It even gives an advantage of the bulk ordering of customizable products. The seller and customer can easily communicate via messages to negotiate over product and price.


  • The Customer can raise RFQ for the products in the store and not present in the store.
  • The Quotes for the products not on the store are part of Buying Leads.
  • Approve the RFQ's Automatically or Manual Assignment of RFQ.
  • Set the Default/Minimum quantity for the quotation from customers.
  • Customers can upload images with the RFQ.
  • The admin can specify the mail template for each action in the RFQ system.
  • A 'Request For Quote' button on all product pages.
  • Quotation Status – pending, open, answered, resolved, and closed.
  • The seller can manage the buying leads in the store.


This plugin allows the registered customer to raise RFQ for products on the store or customizable products. Herein the admin can set the module as per requirement.

To do the admin will enable the module, specify the title which will visible to the customer at the time of checkout when RFQ is successful, mention the minimum quantity of product for which quote could be shared, allow or restrict auto-approval, and sort order of the module.

The admin can even select the email templates which will be shared with the customer and seller. The admin can even define the pertaining keywords which are used in mail.

The All Requested Quotes section will allow the admin to see all the quotes for which the customer has requested. The admin can click on view to know the status of the quotes.

However, the admin can Manage Requested Quotes if auto-approval is disabled by assigning it to the respective seller.

In the frontend, the customer can raise a quote from the product page.

Here the customer needs to define product name and description, default RFQ quantity, expected price per quantity, sample required or not, sample product images, additional information(this can be edited by the customer as required for the RFQ product).

Further the customer can even define the Quote Information like- Title for quote identification and the quote brief. The customer needs to even add Contact Information.

If the admin assigns these quotes to the seller then they can view them and take in required action. Here the admin can Message customers or send the quote.

The customer, on the other hand, can view the raised quote under the supplier response section the customer can view the multiple statuses of the quote that is, Open, Answered, Resolved and Closed.

The customer can henceforth open the quote and respond to the seller.

In the All Requested quote section of the seller panel, the seller can view the quote to either message back or share a new Quote.

If the seller is willing to share a new quote then the seller can enter new quote details.

The customer can send approval on the message and the seller can only approve the quote.

Thus, allowing the customer to successfully checkout with the product.

The customer can even raise quotes for the product not in the store.

These are buying leads that will be shared with all the sellers. The interested sellers can communicate or share a new quote with the customer.

These leads can be accepted or rejected by the customer as per feasibility.

The seller here needs to Add the Product to the store to allow customer checkout.

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