TS Banner MultiPosition v1.0

TS Banner MultiPosition v1.0
Banner MultiPosition v1.0 by Tramplin Studio is a modifier that extends the capabilities of standard banners in OpenCart. It complements the settings of banners with a variety of features that allow you to achieve very high flexibility when placing banners on the pages of your online store. The changes affect both the settings of the banners themselves and the modules themselves: banners, carousel and sliders.

This modifier can be for you one of the most important tools of internal marketing on the site! You can not only influence the sales of the online store, but also increase the quality of the SEO due to competent linking of banners.

Show the banner only where you really need it!
The modifier allows you to control the display of a banner on almost any page of the site due to its multi-variant. The display of the same banner can be configured for any pages from the lists: products, categories, manufacturers, articles and pages in the internal search in the store. This allows not only to provide high flexibility, but also to reduce the number of modules of the same type of banners, carousels and sliders.
The same banner or group of banners can be at the same time in some particular products, and in one of the categories, at the same time, in a particular manufacturer, in an article, and so on. No restrictions! Use your imagination and create complex marketing weaves in just a few minutes!

Show banners by internal search keywords and tags!
Particularly useful for you will be the ability to display banners on the search pages keywords. You can display the desired banner for a specific search query! Study the internal search queries of the online store using services Google Analitics or Yandex.Metrica and use these keywords in the settings of banners. You can also collect keywords for which your website is found in a search engine using the Yandex.WordStat service. Often, for internal searches on the site, users use the same keywords as in the search for Google, Yandex and others. You can use keywords for which the internal search does not return results. This will allow not losing the potentially interested buyer and redirecting him via a banner to similar products available in the store catalog.
In addition to search queries, you can also use tags (not to be confused with meta tags) that you previously specified when creating or editing products. This also includes the tags apply in some news modules (for example, the popular NewsBlog) and other similar modules.
When entering search keywords and tags, a feature similar to that used when sampling in the MySQL database using the LIKE operator is used, when the % symbol is used to determine the position of the keywords in a line.

Briefly about setting:
  • Step 1) Go to "Design -> Banner", load several banners and set up multi-positions;
  • Step 2) Go to "Extensions -> Modules -> Banners/Carousel/Slider" and create a module; in the settings, mark where multi-positions will be consider;
  • Step 3) Go to "Design -> Layout" and add a customized module at once in all layouts where banners can be displayed.

For display in manufacturers, you also need to create a new layout, in the setting you need enter the path: "product/manufacturer_info".

Examples of writing a keywords and tags:
  • "keywords or tag" - exact match;
  • "keywords or tag%" - keywords at the beginning of the text line;
  • "%keywords or tag" - keywords at the end of the text line;
  • "%keywords or tag%" - keywords inside a text line.

The following additional characters are allowed: space, dot, minus, plus, exclamation mark and question mark.

Installation Instructions:
  1. Admin panel -> Modules -> Install extensions
  2. Just upload the archive with the module
  3. Update modifier cache
  4. Add the permissions to the "Administrator" user group for this module

If you skip step 4, then at the time the module is turned on, the needed fields in the database table may not be created and the module will not work correctly.

Files are not overwritten!
Used by OCMod!

Watch DEMO
Watch admin DEMO (login: demo, pass: demo)

If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the work of the module, you can contact us:
Site: https://tramplin-studio.store/
E-mail: info@tramplin-studio.store


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