TS Points AutoCalc PRO v1.3

TS Points AutoCalc PRO v1.3
Points AutoCalc PRO v1.3 by Tramplin Studio - this is a useful tool that automatically calculates the price in points and reward points for the purchase of product. You only need to specify the coefficients for calculating points from the price of product, as well as to determine whether it is necessary to consider the price in points for options and whether to consider options when calculating reward points for the purchase.

The Points AutoCalc PRO will save hundreds of hours of your time and simplify the process many times, due to the ability to calculate points massively.

On the product creation/editing page, under the price in the "Data" tab, a panel will appear with individual calculator settings. If the product is edited, and the points have already been entered, the panel appears in the "Reward" tab.
Points are calculated automatically in case of any change in the main price of product or additional cost in its options. The coefficients determine the ratio of the calculated points to the specified price. Values ​​are in percent. If the product options are consider into account when calculating reward points, the result will be equal to the average value of the price and all its options.
When editing a product, the calculator panel is configured by default, but you can assign coefficients individually for any product.

To change the default settings, open the module settings. Enter the coefficients, and if you do not have a lot of goods yet, then you can turn off the "Calculate automatically" setting.

Mass calculation of points - 1000 products in 2 minutes!
Points AutoCalc PRO differs from its free version in that it has the ability to massively calculate points for entire groups of products. In addition to the usual settings for the calculation, there is a filter of goods and lists for selecting goods. More information about each of the sections..

Calculation Settings
The same fields that are responsible for setting the coefficients of the calculator, described above. However, there are additional points "Recount points".

Product Filter
The filter allows you to narrow the range of products to which the mass calculation will be applied. You can filter products by price range, by range of product quantity, by stock status, store and user group.

Selection of products
Create a list of products, select categories of products or select the required manufacturers. All three methods have additional lists that simplify the process and provide flexibility when selecting products.

If the setting fields are empty or the values ​​are 0, then this setting (filter, etc.) is not applied.
If in the catalog of your online store there are 1000 or more products, then it is better to divine the calculation into several equal parts to limit the load on your server.


Module page on the developer site:


Watch DEMO admin (login: demo, pass: demo)


Installation Instructions:
  1. Admin panel -> Modules -> Install extensions
  2. Just upload the archive with the module
  3. Update modifier cache

Files are not overwritten!
Used by OCMod!


Update Instructions:
  1. Remove the modifier of the previous module version;
  2. Go to Admin panel -> Modules -> Install extensions;
  3. Just upload the archive with the module for your OpenCart or ocStore;
  4. Update modifier cache;
  5. Revise module settings and re-save.


If you have any questions or suggestions for improving the work of the module, you can contact us:
Site: https://tramplin-studio.store/
E-mail: info@tramplin-studio.store

What customers say about TS Points AutoCalc PRO v1.3

This Module is highly recommended and will save hundred of hours specially for multiple customer groups and a lot of items, their support is amazing and very helpful


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