Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Adyen Payment

Opencart Multi Vendor Marketplace Adyen Payment
Opencart Marketplace Adyen Payment is one of the best modules for the marketplace. Using the Opencart marketplace Adyen payment the customer can pay online and also the admin and vendor can receive the payments from the customer quickly.

Now, it is easy to accept the payment online from the customers using the Opencart marketplace Adyen payment module. Using this module the seller can request the payout from the admin. The seller can add the bank details to receive the payout. The seller can also add multiple bank account details.

The admin can accept or reject the payout request received from the seller. The admin can even refund the amount of the user using this module.

This module is an add-on of the Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed first Marketplace Module.


1. This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.

2. Opencart Marketplace Adyen Payment module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Use Case:

Consider, you have an Opencart multi-vendor online shopping store. And you’re getting a good amount of sales from all around the world. You also want that every seller receives their amount directly to their bank account when an order is placed by the customer.
But you didn’t integrate any payment gateway to your store.

This will be very typical to collect the payment as cash or check. To solve this problem there is a fantastic option for all the store owners.

You can use Opencart Marketplace Adyen Payment to solve this issue. This module provides multiple card option for the customers to pay online.

Not only admin but also the sellers can receive the amount directly to their bank account using the Adyen payment gateway.

This module also helps the seller to request a payout from the admin. Using this module-
The customers can pay the online for the order using the Adyen payment gateway
The seller can request for the payout from the admin
The admin can accept or reject the payout request of the sellers even can generate the payout for the sellers from the backend
The admin can set the limit for the payout request
The admin can also refund the amount of the customer directly from the Adyen account


  • Accept credit cards that Adyen supports
  • Use Adyen client-side encryption for payment processing
  • Once captured and order complete seller can request for payout
  • The payout can be requested for all the completed orders or specific orders
  • A seller can add IBAN details to request payout
  • A seller can delete IBAN details
  • Admin can add bank details for the seller
  • Admin can request a payout for a specific seller
  • The admin can refund the amount to the customer
  • Admin can accept or decline payout request

Work Flow:

Installation of the Opencart marketplace Adyen payment with Opencart website is easy. After the installation of the module, the admin can configure the module accordingly.

The admin can enable or disable the module from the back end. The admin can fill the required details from the Adyen as shown in the image below-

From the payout configuration, the admin can fill the details as required. The admin can fill the admin bank details, details for sending payout request, and details for payout canceling or confirming.

From the order status section, the admin can define the status of the order.

From the back end, the admin can manage the seller’s bank details and as well as payout requests.
The admin can fill the seller’s bank details from the back end as shown in the image below-

Now, from the payout request section, the admin can check, approve, decline or add a new payout request for the seller.

From the checkout page, the customer can select the Adyen payment gateway to place the order.

Here, the customers have different card options as provided by the Adyen to pay online. After that, the customer can see the order confirmation message on the screen.

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