Validate VAT Number + Discount

Validate VAT Number + Discount
Our Validate VAT Number plugin asks the customer for their VAT number during checkout, once added the VAT Number is validated instantly and if the VAT Number is valid the box will show green and if not will show red to indicate an unaccepted vat number.

The VAT module is very flexible:

  • Control VAT Number Input Visibility per country.
  • Set a VAT refund amount in percent.
  • Set whether the VAT refund amount is taken only if the VAT Number validated or also if it did not validate.
  • Set whether VAT refund includes shipping or not.

You can also see the VAT number on user accounts from the admin panel, and customers VAT Numbers are stored on their account once entered so that it does not ask or validate each time they checkout.

Under countries in the admin panel you can setup whether VAT number is required and whether it should be validated or not, you can also toggle whether a VAT discount should apply or not.

When the customer is checking out, if they select a country that has been setup to take a VAT number it will ask the customer to enter their VAT number, if you have requested that it should validate the VAT is validated in front of the customer and if it fails validation a warning is produced. Finally if you setup to apply a VAT discount the discount is applied when a valid VAT number is inserted.


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