Admin Quick Category / Product Editor

Admin Quick Category / Product Editor
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What does it do?
Admin Quick Product Editor modification extends OpenCart Catalog > Products list view page.

Admin Quick Product Editor enables you to quickly edit the values in place without having to leave the list view and open the conventional item edit page, so you can save a lot of time. This is ideal for shops with lots of products and big turnover where prices, quantities, etc often need to be changed.

Additionally the extension allows you to select and sort the columns displayed on Catalog > Products list view page.

Editing products has never been so fast & easy before - just click on the value you want to change, edit it and hit Enter (or press Save) to save the changes. Clicking Save Button (or Cancel button) will cancel the edit.

You can choose to display id, image, product name,category, model,Filters,manufacturer,sku,OutOfStock Status ,Require Shipping, Price,Products Views,Quantity,Minimum Quantity,Subtract Stock,Status.
Additionally you can quick edit category, Filters, Manufactures,specials Price,sku,OutOfStock Status ,Require Shipping, Minimum Quantity,Subtract Stock,Status.


Selectable columns
    Choose the columns you wish to see on the product list page, hide the rest

Export Product
    Export Product In Excel Format,also export product by filtering,or range-vise product export

Filter Products
    Filter products by Name,Category,Manufacture,Model,min-price ,max-price,min-quantity,max-quantity,sku,out-of-stock-status,date-added,date-modified,Filters,Status

Product Order
    How Many Orders For Particular Order See New Tab

Status Highlights
    Displays disabled products in red and enabled products with green labels, so they can be easily found.

    Problems & Questions

    Support email address can be found in the extension documentation, installation instructions file inside the archive or on the extension settings page under the Support section.

    If you have issues with the extension please do not raise them in the comments section, instead contact on the support email address or use the 'Get Support ' button.

    For general questions about the extension, please leave a comment or use the 'Get Support ' button.

    Check out also Admin Catalog Editor.

    Admin Quick Product Editor Documents here

Admin installation youtue

Admin Details:
Username: quick_product
Password: quick_product


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