Reward Points For Reviews

Reward Points For Reviews
Reward Points For Reviews allows you to offer reward points for product reviews to your customers. They will receive the rewards points only after approving their comments.

  • Auto reward points for product reviews
  • Different points based on the customer rating
  • Disable points for comments that you don't want to give points
  • View full list of reward points for reviews, all columns are sortable and filterable.

Live demo

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Install Instructions
- Login to your OpenCart Admin panel
- Go to Extensions > Installer and upload the file suited for your OpenCart version
- Go to Extensions > Extensions > Modules > Reward Points For Reviews > install and configure it
- When you get a new comment, go to Catalog > Reviews, edit and enable that review, the customer will receive reward points.
since the reward points system is only for registered customers, this module only works for customer comments, not guest comments.

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What customers say about Reward Points For Reviews

✰✰✰✰✰ great module, working perfect! Very satisfied!


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