Public Downloads For Product / Free Downloads

Public Downloads For Product / Free Downloads
By default opencart allows you as admin ONLY to sell digital downloads, that is user gets his downloads only after he makes a purchase.

But what if you want to offer your customers a trial versions of a software (try before buy)? Or maybe you do sell some specific items for example electronic gadgets and want to add user instructions and manuals to the product for your users to be able to download before they buy? Or maybe you sell music and want to add a some samples to show the quality of real purchased product?

No matter what you sell, or what you want to allow your customers to download before buy in order to achieve this, you had to create either custom tabs and add manually add all links to allow users to download it from "somewhere". And that is time consuming, not to mention that it gets even harder when you do require to change these downloads.

So here comes this module into the scene:) From now you as admin will be able to assign free public downloads for your customers to any product you desire. Simply upload your digital item you want to share with your customers in downloads section under admin. And go to edit the product itself and attach it. (you can attach as many downloads as you want, and edit, modify delete, disable it anytime).

In free downloads section simply start typing your downloadable item name to be shared with your customers and save it. Once all set, a new Attachments/Downloads tab will appear on your product page, where your customers will be able to download these items the ones you assigned to a product.

PS: Want to allow downloads only for registered users? That is also not an issue, simply set in module settings that the login is required and only registered users will be able to download it.

This is a must to have extension for shop owners who do require to attach digital media, files, instructions or whatever is needed to products.

PS: also this extension can be a booster to make your visitors into returning customers. Fully multilingual, multistore supported. Any new features request are welcome also:))

NOTE: Stock private downloads after purchase not changed:) so you will be able to sell digital downloads as you were selling (nothing changed).

PSS: If you require older version of the module feel free to contact.

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This was my first extension and I am new to OpenCart - The author was extremely helpful in resolving an installation issue I had and this extension will provide key functionality to my website - happy customer :-)


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