Opencart Point of Sale Custom Receipt

Opencart Point of Sale Custom Receipt
Opencart Point of Sale Custom Receipts module allows the admin to add custom receipts for POS for each of its outlets. Thus allowing the admin to create a custom design and configure multiple POS receipts and assigning them to different POS outlets.

There are various changes or alterations that the admin can do like adding or updating the logo, add information on the header and the footer, assign outlet, cashier name, and font style of print in the customs receipt.

Note: If you require to use this add-on, you need to install the Opencart POS first.

Use Case:

If you are running a business that uses the Opencart POS system for its various POS outlets, then this module is a must purchase. As different Outlets have different entities for their store like the shop number, shop name, Tin Number, and even in some cases a unique logo highlighting the character of the store. This module will help you customize the POS Store Receipts for unique identification.

Advertising can be pretty hard and expensive at the same time. With this module, you can promote your business without paying a single penny through your existing customers to share information among your current potential customers.


  • The admin can create multiple sales receipts layout
  • Enable/disable the status of the custom sales receipts layouts.
  • Edit or delete the custom receipts layouts as per the choice.
  • Can preview the receipts layout for the quick view.
  • Assign receipts to the outlet as per their need.
  • Customize the receipt by adding the custom store logo and extra information.
  • Define the content for the header and footer section of the receipt.
  • A single custom receipt can be assigned to multiple POS Outlets.


After the module is successfully installed, the admin needs to enable it as shown in the image below.

After the module is enabled, the admin will be able to alter the customs receipts through the POS Receipt section as shown in the image below.

In the POS Receipt Section, the admin can add multiple receipts or can edit the existing POS receipts. After clicking on the plus option, the admin will be able to edit the POS receipts.

In General Section

The admin can edit the page size, font, store details, order details, and customer details as shown in the image below.

In Receipt Logo section

The admin can add the logo, and add the extra information as shown in the image below.

In Receipt Content section:

The admin will be able to add content that can be used to add information about the store or promote the various offers/products of the store in the header and the footer section as shown in the image below.

In Assign Outlet section:

The admin will be able to select the POS Outlet to which the customs receipt configured is needed to be assigned. The admin can select multiple outlets to a single POS receipt.

The admin can preview the receipts that are added as shown in the image below.

POS Agent End:

The POS Sales Agent can also print the receipt from the POS Front End of any order by clicking on the print option as shown in the image below.

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