Opencart POS Subdomain

Opencart POS Subdomain
Using Opencart POS Subdomain, the admin easily creates the POS sub-domain URLs. The POS sub-domain URLs will be created on the basis of the POS outlet name.

This way the admin can have a POS sub-domain which can be accessed by POS users for accessing the POS panel/outlets. The admin can also add a prefix for the sub-domain URLs.


This extension is an add-on to the Opencart Point Of Sale System. Before using this add-on, you must have first installed the OpenCart Point Of Sale System(POS).

For using this module, Wildcard must be configured and mapped to the root folder on your server.

Use Case:

A sub-domain is a subsection of the website that can exist as a new website without having a new domain name. Sub-domains can be used to create memorable URLs for different content areas of your site -

  • Similarly, the Opencart POS sub-domain module allows the admin to have the POS sub-domains.

  • This module creates memorable sub-domain URLs for each POS outlet.

  • The separate web page address will be created for each outlet automatically as per the outlet name.

  • Using the module, the sub-domains are very simple to create and the POS users can use them like any other site.

Feature Set:

  • Enable or disable the module.
  • Every POS outlet gets a unique URL.
  • Sub-domain URL is based on the outlet name.
  • Redirection is available after the login to the main URL.
  • Add any prefix for the sub-domain URLs.


After installing the module, the admin can easily configure the module settings as shown below -

Here, the admin will –

Status – Enable or disable the module as per the choice.

URL Prefix – Enter the prefix for the subdomain URL of the POS.

Redirection – If Enabled then, if user login from root domain will be redirected on the sub-domain. Else, set Disabled.

Once the module is enabled, the subdomain will be created on the basis of POS outlet names. Let’s see how -

Windsor Outlet is a POS outlet. Now, the prefix Webkul and the outlet name Windsor outlet will be added to the POS base link – and creates the sub-domain URL as – for the POS users assigned the Windsor outlet.

If the POS Sub-Domain module is enabled, then the POS panel login URL will have the sub-domain URL as shown below.

But if the POS Sub-Domain module is disabled, then the POS panel login URL will appear as shown below.

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