Astra Security Suite - Firewall, Malware Scanner & Audits

Astra Security Suite - Firewall, Malware Scanner & Audits
Astra is the go-to security suite for your OpenCart store. With Astra, you don’t have to worry about any malware, credit card hack, SQLi, XSS, SEO Spam, comments spam, brute force & 100+ types of threats. This means you can get rid of other security add-on & let Astra take care of it all.

We offer a 24*7 active Web Application Firewall to protect your store in real time, on demand machine-learning powered malware scanner, on-demand penetration Testing, vulnerability scanner & management, IP blocking, country blocking, login activity, file upload rules, and several other features to provide a holistic protection to your store.

Astra is installed as an extension by following self-served, easy-to-follow steps (takes less than 5 minutes). It means there is NO need to change DNS settings, unlike other security plugins.

Through our intuitive dashboard, you can manage all your website & it doesn’t come with a hundred buttons that make you feel like you’re a pilot in a cockpit!

Astra’s promise to a business owner is that their business would be secure without any ifs or buts. If a business is using Astra, they will be secure – no questions asked.


    Web Application Firewall (WAF)
    Robust community-powered security engine
    Installs as an extension in your website (No need to change DNS settings)
    Real-time SQLi, XSS, LFI & 100+ threats protection
    Malware scanning
    Bad bots blocking
    Country blocking/whitelisting
    IP range blocking/whitelisting
    IP profiling & tracking
    Automated vulnerability scanning
    On-demand penetration testing
    Malicious file upload prevention
    Controlling file upload size
    Limiting upload by extension type
    Admin login activity logging
    Blocking automated vulnerability scanners
    Admin brute force protection
    Fake search engine bots blocking
    File Injection/Webshell protection
    Code Injection protection
    Directory traversal protection
    Automatic blocking of known hackers
    Layer 7 DDoS protection
    Smart honeypot system to trap hackers
    Rate limit web requests
    Automatic spam blocking
    Content stealing & scraping prevention
    Preventing spam comments
    Htaccess security
    Ever updating rules engine
    Powered by community learning
    Database security
    No latency (Our turbo security engine takes less than0.002s to detect threats)

Hack Removal & Malware Scanner

    Website Anti-virus & Anti-malware engine
    Fixing SEO spam / SEO poisoning
    Japanese keyword hack
    OpenCart Store redirect hack
    OpenCart Admin panel hack
    Fixing Credit Card or Payment Checkout Page hack
    Backdoor removal
    Brute-force attacks in OC
    SQL Injection hack
    Google Blacklist hack
    Google AdWords hack
    Coinhive cryptojacking hack
    Deceptive Site Ahead Warning

Intuitive Dashboard & Reporting

    Super easy to use dashboard
    Threat analytics
    Trusting or Blocking IPs / IP ranges
    Trusting or Blocking Countries
    Hourly admin area login summary
    Whitelist or Blacklist GET/POST/URLS
    Available in all major languages
    Information about threat origin country, browser, device, etc.
    One click security for your entire business

Continuous Reports to Keep You Posted (Email & Slack)

    Daily email reports giving summary of attacks stopped by Astra
    Hourly login summary to track successful & failed login attempts
    Slack notifications: set custom rules to notify specific events on slack

Human Support

    24×7 chat & email support
    Our real human support, known to go an extra mile to bring a smile
    Giving hackers a friendly channel to report any vulnerability in your website
    Every vulnerability reported by hackers validated by our security experts and only valid submissions reach you
    Under the program policy, hackers cannot make any bugs on your website public

Astra Security Seal

    Shows you are a security conscious company
    Your customers feel more confident in sharing their personal information
    Leads to less shopping cart abandonment
    More conversions on the website – study would increase in 9.7% in conversion of one website due to Astra seal!

Astra Pricing

Our pricing works per FQDN (Fully Qualified Domain Name) & starts from $25/month to $199/month. You can check the detailed pricing & features here

If you are an agency (Hosting Company, Development Agencies & Developers) Astra agency plan have amazing discounts for you in store. If you need to find underlying vulnerabilities in your store, our VAPT plans would be a right fit for you.

Choose a plan as per your requirement and start protecting your store. If you are at a loss choosing the right plan for you, get in touch with us and we will be happy to help you out.

NOTE: With annual plans you can save flat 15% in comparison to monthly plans.

OpenCart Security Audit & VAPT

A comprehensive security audit for your store with the right mix of automated & manual testing. We perform 1250+ active tests to discover all vulnerabilities including business logic errors.
Be safe from critical issues like CC theft, Malware, Known Exploits, security misconfigurations, vulnerable plugins, payment manipulations & more. Click here to know more.

Become GDPR compliant

Astra is not only a GDPR compliant but also gives you the ability to make a cookie consent & opt-in form for your website. Set up cookie consent for your website within minutes, no coding required.

Partnership Program

We partner with hosting, development companies & developers to help them keep their clients secure. In addition, our partner program creates an additional revenue stream for our partners. Click here to know more!

Top brands secured by Astra:

Astra is trusted by some top brands like Microsoft, Adobe, Yahoo, Blackberry, Gillette, Carrier, Hotstar, LIC, Oman Airways, Nasser Pharmacy, The Cheap Place, Viharmonic, ModMyPI, Dim-el & more.

  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included


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9 Mar 2022

9 May 2019
ASTRA Security Suite
ASTRA Security Suite
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