Mobile Application Multilingual - Android/iOS

Mobile Application Multilingual - Android/iOS

Why to buy from an OpenCart Partner?
OpenCart only grants authorization as a partner to a select few companies with a proven history of exceptional customer support and high-quality products.
Being an OpenCart partner signifies advanced solutions.
Partners of OpenCart are known for their exceptional customer service and outstanding product quality.

Demo application is available here.

For iOS app, please buy opencart iOS app from here.

Features in the Mobile Application
  • Supports Opencart Multi-Vendor Extension, with necessary seller and buyer features available in the app.
  • All payment gateways working on your website, will work in the app also. No custom work required.
  • Completely white-label application, having only your own splash screen, brand, logo, and name.
  • All data comes from your existing OpenCart website, and the application adds its own data also (like banners, etc.) using the admin section of OpenCart.
  • This is a hybrid mobile application. If you have the source code, it can be launched on all platforms like Google Play Store, Apple Store, Windows Store, etc.
  • Standalone mobile application, not just a web view of the website
  • Push notifications for orders and custom notifications through Google Firebase
  • Payment gateways accessible in the app, no additional custom work required
  • Completely white-label, featuring only your own brand, logo, and name
  • Data is drawn from existing OpenCart website and can be updated through the OpenCart admin section
  • Hybrid mobile application, can be launched on various platforms with source code
  • Home page features:
  • [list]
  • Multiple banner blocks
  • Featured products
  • Special products
  • Category icons
  • Custom logo
  • Custom color schemes
  • Custom policy pages
  • Custom footer

  • Other features:
    • Category listings
    • Product detail pages
    • Cart page
    • Search page
    • Checkout page
    • User dashboard
    • User profile
    • Login page
    • Password recovery page

    [size=150]Available in 11 Languages

    This application comes with 11 languages built-in.
    Additional language can be added with least effort.
    It is required to configure the language first on the website, then it will be available in the app as well.
    All languages are available out-of-the-box. The following languages are provided with the app:

    1. English
    2. German
    3. French
    4. Russian
    5. Arabic
    6. Portuguese
    7. Chinese
    8. Spanish
    9. Dutch
    10. Romanian
    11. Turkish

    Compatibility with OS and Devices

    We test every app with the 3 latest major versions of Android and iOS available in the market. For example, If the latest major version of Android is 12, then we will test and guarantee compatibility with all devices having Android version 12 or 11 or 10. The same applies to major versions of iOS as well.

    Publishing the Application
    • We will build the application for you and publish it on Play Store.
    • After purchase, open a ticket from our helpdesk and we will provide your branded mobile application.
    • You need to have an already existing OpenCart v3 based website. If you do not have that, it can be set up as an additional task.
    • If you want to publish using your play store/iOS store developer account, you can request for the same also, we can do that as extra work.
    • Source code is also available with extra cost.

    Documentation is available here.

    Please open a ticket from Helpdesk if you have any queries or need support.

  • Price

    • Developed by OpenCart Partner
    • 6 Months Free Support
    • Documentation Included


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