Product Option Color Image

Product Option Color Image
TMD OpenCart Product Option Color Image Module
Extension allows OpenCart website to create various color options per product, for the customer to choose them. Choose a color for radio options checkbox and a select box. admin for choose color using the color picker in each product, it's a very useful extension for apparel and accessory stores.

Module is compatible with the latest version as well as older versions. It is plug and play. There is no special requirement to make it work on Your website. It is tested on popular themes and with various modules to ensure the functionality of it.

The interface is simple. It also gave color picker to select a color. Admin does not need to worry about color code anymore. Selected option color image will replace the original image. It will help your website to give a constant look and feel.

Show Real Image Of Product By according To Selected Color
This Module help replacing the main image with the customer selected color Image in OpenCart website. The image will work same as Main Image, Zoomer will show and popup image zoom also support. While selling clothes and wearable items, websites show multiple color options to the customer.

This functionality will help you to gain more trust on your website. Seeing the correct image of the selected color will increase their buying percentage. Wearable items will sell more.

By default, OpenCart does not have these kinds of functionality present. Sales will likely to more perform best when using it correctly.

Give Boost To Your Sales with TMD OpenCart Option Color Image Module
Give your website more professional look by showing an image of an item of a selected color. It will customer to explore more items. Your sales ratio will increase. you will see returning customers is going high.

When Product contains multiple images of the item and also images change according to the selected color option, will add more value to your product. People will remember things what they see, People will likely to buy items when they like item image.

TMD Extension gives you a new way to show images by replacing the main image with color option Image. Customer can zoom and see.

Select an Image in Color Option
Module is designed to select an image for the Color option but also took care of the existing Option System of OpenCart. TMD OpenCart Option Color Image extension will make a new area within create and edit option page. Where admin will see an image selection area at the last position.

Images can be selected from image media popup. No Size limit is present. But selected high quality image will probably best. Whenever you add color option, you will see an image selection area is present so you can select an image.

The selected image will be attached to that color option and shown to website. When Customer select color option then they will see the selected image while creating option as Main Image.

Compatible With Journal and Other Popular Themes
We have done all kind of testing on OpenCart version and themes as well. This extension will work perfectly on all popular themes. Journal Theme is well known. TMD all modules and extensions support Journal theme.

Easy Interface
Our Designer made the simple interface so the admin does their work easily. For the selected color, there is a color picker present. Admin just needs to drag the mouse icon to select color present in color picker. If you having a hard time to select a color then you can also use hex code of color from else and paste to color picker color code.

Selected color will be shown. There is also an image selection area present in the create and edit options page. Admin just needs to select images according to entered color code. So Image will not look odd.

There no extra special things you have to done to use it. All the work will be done inside the options page. It will show on the respected product page.

Installation Is Just Mater Of Few Clicks
Our all modules installation is quite easy. Perfectly created install process which can be followed by a non-technical person to get it working into their website. Please read below for an overview of the installation guide. You can find more information in the Documentation tab about installation.

Easy Installation
1. Copy Files
2. Copy all file in your root folder
3. OpenCart Core files will not be overwritten
4. That's all. You are ready to use.



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