Redis Cache Driver

Redis Cache Driver
What is Redis?

Redis is a highly efficient distributed data storage. High operation speed is guaranteed by data storage in RAM, being regularly saved on a disk, after equal periods of time or when reaching a certain number of queries

How to setup redis cache

In the OpenCart admin backend, do the following steps:
Install via Extensions > Marketplace or via Extensions > Installer > Upload

Then you need to define a few constants in config.php and admin->config.php

// Redis
define('CACHE_HOSTNAME', '');
define('CACHE_PORT', '6379');
define('CACHE_PREFIX', 'redis_');
define('CACHE_PASSWORD', '');

Redis For Opencart 2.2 - 2.3

Edit system->config->default.php change the value of $_[‘cache_type’]

$_['cache_type'] = 'redis';

Redis For Opencart 2.0.x - 2.1.x

Edit index.php and admin->index.php change $cache = new Cache('file');

$cache = new Cache('redis');

Redis For Opencart 1.5.x

Upload archive to the root directory

Edit index.php and admin->index.php change $cache = new Cache('file');

$cache = new redis_cache();

After require_once(DIR_SYSTEM . 'library/cart.php'); add

require_once(DIR_SYSTEM . 'library/redis_cache.php');

or If you are using vqmod add

require_once(VQMod::modCheck(DIR_SYSTEM . 'library/redis_cache.php'));

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