Assign Customer Group By Registration Code

Assign Customer Group By Registration Code

• Let Customer Enter Code At Account / Checkout Register Page And Auto Assign Customer Group Based On Entered Code
• Registration Code Textbox Appear Before Firstname Textbox At Account / Checkout Register Page
• Check Button Beside Registration Code Textbox To Check Entered Code Is Valid / Invalid
• Admin Can Set Valid / Invalid Message (Multi Language Based) At Admin Side
• Customer Cannot Register Until Registration Code Valid
• Auto Assign Customer Group By Registration Code
• Admin Can Generate Unlimited Coma Separated Code
• Generate Code Button Helps Admin To Generate Randon String Based Unique Code
• Set Alpha + Numeric Code Manually Or Use "Generate Code" Button
• Admin Can Create Unlimited Coma Separated Codes For Each Customer Group.
• At Admin > "Assign Customer Group By Registration Code" Menu > Click On Add New (+ Sign) Button At Top, Then Select Customer Group, After Then Set Code For That Selected Customer Group And Set Fields Label And Save
• So, This Codes Will Check At Front End By Customer And If Valid Then Auto Assign Customer Group
• Once Customer Register Successfully Using Valid Code Then That Code Is Saved With Customer And Admin Can See At Admin > Customer > Customer List > Registration Code Column & Filter
• Multi Store Compatible
• Multi Language Compatible
• Support All Theme Journal2, Journal3, Pavo, Foster Template
• Support Quick Checkout, Journal Theme Checkout, One Page Checkout
• Support Opencart Version 2.X + 3.0.X + 3.1.X
• Support Ocmod + Vqmod
• Free Installation and Free Support
• No Hidden/Extra Cost
• Note : Not Support With Social Login Extension
• Note : Not For Guest Checkout
• Note : Extension Licence Valid For Single Domain Only (Except Multi Store)

• 1. Download Extension According Your Opencart Version
• 2. Admin > Extensions > Extension Installer > Choose "" file
• 3. Admin > Extensions > Modification > Click On Refresh Button On Top Right Corner
• 4. Admin > System > Users > User Groups > set Access / Modify Permission.
• 5. Admin > "Assign Customer Group By Registration Code"

• skype : opencarttools


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