Super Page Cache & Compress - Speed Boost (SEO Ultimate)

Super Page Cache & Compress - Speed Boost (SEO Ultimate)
Our SUPER Page Cache & Compress plugin is specially built for maximum efficiency and speed for visitors of your website, the first feature of this plugin is that it creates static caches of all the pages of your website so they can be served up to first-time visitors at lightning speed - the plugin will also effectively improve the performance of your server and database overall because visitors will no longer hammer your PHP processor or your database as they will simply be served a static HTML copy of the site until they interact with it.

SEO Ultimate:
Our Ultimate SEO Package includes all 8 of our amazing plugins bundled in one package. $220 dollars worth of plugins in total for $100!

The plugin can also effectively compress JS / CSS and HTML to improve speed even more. And it can also inline your CSS to improve even more the speed of your website.

Finally if you want to serve your images/css/js from a CDN this plugin has an input allowing you to switch all resources to load from your CDN instead.



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