404 Monitor / Search 404 & Disavow Editor (WD SEO Ultimate)

404 Monitor / Search 404 & Disavow Editor (WD SEO Ultimate)
SEO Ultimate:
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Our 404 Monitor plugin gives you an intuitive dashboard where you can monitor 404 alerts, every time a visitor lands on a 404 page our monitor logs this to your panel, or if you choose can email you alerts periodically of 404 hits.

The plugin also logs any searches with 0 results (search 404 pages) in a seperate tab so you can see what people are searching for but not finding.

The tool organises 404 hits by last visited, a count of how many times people have landed on that url and the referring url if available.

The tool can be used to find out issues with your website structure, pages that you deleted that may still be linked to by other websites and more, you can also manage your DISAVOW file and search / export your 404 url log.


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