404 Monitor / Search 404 & Disavow Editor (SEO Ultimate)

404 Monitor / Search 404 & Disavow Editor (SEO Ultimate)
Monitor your 404 Pages and 404 Searches in an intuitive dashboard, a vital tool to ensure your customers get to where they want to go frustration free. See 404 URLs and referrals as well as last access attempt, times accessed and referrer.

SEO Ultimate:
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404 Monitor / Search 404 & Disavow Editor :
Ability to monitor 404 Searches, this is searches that have returned 0 results, extremely useful for catching common spelling mistakes, or missing terms from your product data that customers are using to try and find your products.

Show an image when a 404 Image is detected - Dont show broken images on your pages, display a "missing image" instead! Mostly useful when third-parties link to your images - advertise your business with a custom 404 image!

Finally, you can setup, store and edit your DISAVOW in one location for submitting to Google.

Our 404 Monitor plugin has the following great features:

  • Monitor your 404 Pages & 404 (No Results) Searches
  • Get periodic email alerts with list of top 404's at a defined interval
  • Ability to search your 404 list
  • Ability to ignore various url patterns as required
  • Export your reports in a handy CSV file for further analysis
  • One click to create a redirect in our Redirect Management plugin
  • setup, store and edit your DISAVOW in one location for submitting to Google
  • setup a 404 Image for missing images (useful when external sites embed your images into their pages and they disappear)
  • One-click check if a 404 is fixed or still persistent

This plugin is essential for discovering issues with your website structure, pages that you deleted that may still be linked to by other websites and more...



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