Google Pay™ - Pay for whatever, whenever.

Google Pay™ - Pay for whatever, whenever.
Google Pay™ with OpenCart

Google Pay™ lets your customers pay with the press of a button — using payment methods saved to their Google Accounts. Google Pay™ works for both customers shopping at physical store and online in your apps or websites. Now, this is also possible with OpenCart's extension.

With Google Pay™ extension, you can offer one-click checkout for your customers, reduce abandoned cart rate and increase conversion.

Here is how you can set up Google Pay™ today:
    1. By using Google Pay™ extension, you adhere to the Google Pay™ APIs Acceptable Use Policy and accept the terms defined in the Google Pay™ API Terms of Service.

    2. Download the Google Pay™ OpenCart Extension for the marketplace

    3. Install it via the Extension Installer or upload all file into the root folder of your OpenCart installation.

    4. Go to Admin -> Extensions -> Payments and click install next to Google Pay™

    5. Go to Google Pay™ settings.

IMPORTANT NOTES Google Pay™ only generates transaction data, but does not actually process or settle the payment. Thus, the transaction data has to be sent to a Payment Service Provider (PSP), such as Braintree.

Google pay™ with Braintree
Let's see how we can connect Google Pay™ with Braintree, one of many supported gateways.

    1. log in to Braintree

    2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner

    3. Click Processing from the drop-down menu

    4. Scroll to the Payment Methods section

    5. Next to Google Pay™, click the toggle to turn it on

    6. In the top menu click API

    7. Now generate a New API key and a New Tokenized key

    8. Return to the Admin panel of Google Pay™ OpenCart extension and open tab Gateway.

    9. Select Braintree and past the credentials from Braintree API tab accordingly.

    10. Select Braintree Environment as Production/Live

    11. In tab General select Status Enabled and click Save.

That is it. You have successfully setup Google Pay™ with Braintree for OpenCart.

Your customer will thank you for simplifying their life as well as securing their credit card information since they don't have to enter their credit card data on the site and Google Pay™ only shares the tokenized credit card data.

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