Opencart Shipping Based Payment Method

Opencart Shipping Based Payment Method
Opencart Shipping Based Payment Method-With the OpenCart Shipping Based Payment Method, the admin can easily map down the shipping methods with the payment method This will allow the customers to get a clear look for the available shipping methods respective to the mapped payment methods available at the time of check out.


  • Set shipping dependent payment.
  • limit the number of payment methods depending upon the chosen shipping.
  • Create multiple shipping methods along with their respective payment method s.
  • The customers can see the available payment methods depending on the chosen shipping method.

Use Case

There might be situations when the admin of the webstore wants to display the payment methods according to the shipping method selected by the customer. This way the store owner can provide ease of payment method selection for the customers.

The admin can map the shipping methods with the payment methods available within the webstore. The admin can map multiple payment methods to each of the shipping methods available.

At the checkout page, the payment methods displayed to the customer depend upon the selected shipping method. Thus the admin can set the limit to the payment methods available for each of the shipping methods at the checkout time.


After the successful installation of the extension, the admin will configure the module settings from the admin backend. Here, the admin will enable the extension and map the shipping methods with the available payment methods.

To add a new mapping, tap the Add button on the bottom right-hand side. After that, for the left column select the shipping method and for the right column choose the available payment methods. Lastly, tap the Save button.

At the frontend, the customer at the time of checkout can select their preferred shipping method.

According to the selected shipping method, available payment methods(set by the admin for the shipping method) are displayed to the customer.

Before placing the order, the customer can check the selected shipping and the payment method as well.

The same details can also be seen by the customer after going back to the Order History of the placed order.

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