Account Dashboard Pro

Account Dashboard Pro

Update customer account page from default plain text view to graphical interface with added common features. Extension use icons to represent purpose of pages, as sign language is globally understandable and looks pretty when view in mobile and other handheld devices. Convert customers account page from simple to attractive dashboard page using our Account Dashboard Pro extension. Which provides you multiple templates to choose from as per customer’s taste.

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Demo Customer Login
pass: demo

Admin Login
User: demo
Password: demo

Template 1

Template 2

Template 3

Template 4

* Rich features for admin and customer dashboard page
* Fully Customized and easy to use
* Multiple templates to choose to suit website design
* Option to contact administrator directory from account page
* Option to show/hide default module positions (Left/Right)
* View latest orders from account page
* Fully responsive design
* Clean and simple User Interface for customer dashboard page
* Customer profile picture
* Create custom links for dashboard include default account page links
* Use custom icons and custom class names for custom links
* Promotional products for customers to buy
* Compatible with JOURNAL2, JOURNAL3 theme
* Simple & easy to use
* Easy enable/disable extension
* Quick & easy installation
* Support Multi-language
* Multi language supported
* Multi Store supported
* Use OCMOD XML For Easy Installation
* No Core File Modification
* Excellent support

Demo Customer Login
pass: demo

Admin Login
User: demo
Password: demo

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What customers say about Account Dashboard Pro

The extension is very nice and the technical support is great and fast.


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