POWR Social Feed

POWR Social Feed
Do you have great content on your social media accounts? Want to avoid manually copying over the same content onto your website? Social Feed will automatically add any fresh content from your social media accounts directly to your site in a beautiful, customizable gallery!

Spend time concentrating on your social media strategy rather than copying social content to your website. Social Feed is the easy way to engage with your customers and create brand awareness:

  • Convert followers into sales - use customer images from social media on your site as a testimonial gallery.
  • Display fresh content - automatically sync your Facebook, Instagram and other social accounts with your website.
  • Get more followers - by increasing the visibility of your social accounts.
  • Increase time spent on your site - with varied and engaging content right from your Social Feed.

Why you need POWR Social Feed:
  • Create a live feed of your images or videos from social media that showcase your products. Create a feed from Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and more!
  • Create unlimited versions of Social Feed for your site.
  • Unlimited number of impressions to your Social Feed.
  • Social Feed supports text in every language.
  • Curate the photos or videos you’d like to display and tag in your shoppable feed with manual approval.
  • Take followers directly to your product page with a Buy Now button so they can check out.
  • Make your other social feeds shoppable too! Tag products in Facebook posts, on Twitter, YouTube, and more.
  • Social Feed is mobile responsive - your social feeds will look great on any device.
  • Social Feed is compatible with all themes.
  • Highly customizable design - pick your own fonts, colors, adjust size and more.
  • Combine multiple social feeds into one and make them shoppable.
  • Get it up and running in seconds - no coding or web developer required!

Impress your audience with these Social Feed features:
  • Follow any public accounts or hashtags.
  • Connect to Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, and more!
  • Combine images, videos and text - all in one responsive gallery.
  • Show/hide post text - or just display images!
  • Set your refresh rate - 12 hours, 3 hours or 20 minutes (dependent on your plan).
  • Add social sharing buttons - visitors can share your social content right from your site.
  • Approve posts from social media before adding them to your site.
  • Add image hover effects to your Social Feed posts.
  • Get instant access to 50+ POWR apps.

How to Install POWR Social Feed
Step 1. Install
- For OpenCart 2, install OC-2-POWr-social-feed.ocmod.zip
- For OpenCart 3, install OC-3-POWr-social-feed.ocmod.zip

Step 2: Refresh the Navigation
- Visit Extensions => Modifications => Refresh button in the top right to refresh nav. POWR Social Feed will then appear in the left navigation.

Step 3: Create a Module
- Click Extension => Extensions => Select Modules as the extension type => Find POWR Social Feed and click Edit to create a Social Feed module.

Step 4: Add POWR Social Feed anywhere in a layout
- Click Design => Layouts => Select a page (eg. Home) and add the POWR Social Feed module you have created

You can also manage, create plugins, and get help directly from the POWR Social Feed navigation item.

Fast and Free Customer Support
If you have any questions or need help getting up and running, we’re here to help! Unlike most app providers we offer free support and our awesome support team are available 24 hours a day. You can also visit our Help Center for tips, support, and answers to common questions.

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