Form Builder Extension for OpenCart

Form Builder Extension for OpenCart

Our "OpenCart Forms Builder" extension is the most powerful, flexible and easy-to-administer custom OpenCart forms creator you'll find in the market!

With this extension you will be able to create all the customized forms that you want, and position them in any place where you require in OpenCart. By using the form creator, you can add in it, any type of field you want, make them mandatory (selecting required and configuring the customized error message for the required fields in each of the languages ​​configured in your store) or optionally fill them out. As soon as it is filled out, the administrator will receive in his/her email all the info, or any other email you want to add, you will receive a notification with the form information. In addition, if you wish you can configure among the options that the information is stored in the database of the store, being able to consult a detailed list of all the forms that have been processed.

This opencart form builder has been specially designed for OpenCart, and has been carefully tested in all versions, so that the end user only has to install it, configure it and start processing forms. It is an essential tool in any OpenCart store. It is usually used for:

- Create basic contact forms.
- Create advanced contact forms.
- Create job application forms on information pages.
- Create survey forms and questionnaires.
- Create survey forms and questionnaires.
- Create support ticket requests.


- Each form allows you to add a header and introductory text (both optional fields), which will be positioned as content before each form.
- Each form allows you to add an unlimited number of fields to your form, of the following types:
- Hidden field.
- Selection field.
- Single selection field.
- Multiple selection field.
- Text line field.
- Text box field.
- Number field.
- Email field.
- Password field.
- Attachment field.
- Date field with calendar selector.
- Time field with calendar selector.
- Date and time field with calendar selector.
- Country.
- Country and state.
- Each configured field can be reordered with a simple drag-and-drop interface, for easy administration.
- Each field configured within the form allows you to configure in each of the languages ​​configured in the store, the error message in case it is a mandatory field or does not meet the basic requirements of that field.
- Each field configured inside the form allows adding extra CSS classes to the container of that field, in case the user needs to customize the appearance of the form or generate some action through it.
- Each field configured within the form can be configured to occupy 25%, 33%, 50% or 100% of the width of the row where it will be found.
- Each field configured within the form can be activated or deactivated, without needing to be deleted.
- Each form can be configured to be sent by mail to the store manager, additional addresses added or stored in the database. Each of these options are independent.
- In each form it is possible to configure to use a CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) or not. The captcha used will be the CAPTCHA that is configured in the store, where by default it is possible to choose a basic CAPTCHA or the Google ReCAPTCHA, or any other captcha extension that has been installed in OpenCart.
- Each form validates media format AJAX, so that for the user it is not necessary to refresh the browser page in each shipment.
- In each form it is possible to configure if upon being sent successfully, a success message will be shown on the same page or be redirected to any other URL.
- In each form it is possible to configure the processing of data to be stored in database, or send an email, or if required, be sent the data after having been validated to a custom URL, which allows for advanced users, a custom processing of the form data.
- The email sent by the form can be configured to be sent as plain text or as HTML.
- In each form it is possible to configure the acceptance of a box as mandatory, with the possibility of linking the text to an internal OpenCart information page, which will be displayed in a pop up when clicking on it. It is usually convenient to request the user to accept terms and conditions or privacy policy
- This module correctly supports multi-language according to the OpenCart usage standards.
- This module has been created by an official OpenCart Partner, carefully following the OpenCart development guidelines. - Totally free of errors.

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