Advanced Discounts & Fees PRO

Advanced Discounts & Fees PRO

Holding strategic sales and promotions in your OpenCart store can bring in more traffic and increase sales. More importantly, these sales and promotions can attract new customers to your brand, providing you with the opportunity to show them what sets your store apart from the competition.

Advanced Discounts & Fees PRO grants you the ability to set custom sales and promotions for your OpenCart store. Our dynamic Requirements system, which features over 40 Requirement options, allows you to easily define intuitive parameters for your discounts or fees. Featuring a clean, user-friendly interface, Advanced Discounts & Fees PRO allows you to create custom discounts or fees calculated by quantity, total, weight, or volume. View the full features list below, and be sure to view our screenshots and the Full Demo to see how Advanced Discounts & Fees PRO offers customization you never thought possible!

Key Features

✔ Clean, user-friendly interface with a built in tool tip system & tutorials to guide you while setting up your Discounts & Fees
✔ Compatible with OpenCart versions 1.5 & 2.0
✔ Compatible with all themes, including custom themes
✔ Specify start and end dates for your discounts & fees
✔ Dynamic requirements system that allows you to easily define intuitive parameters – setting discounts & fees for your OpenCart store has never been this easy!
✔ Create a name and description for each discount & fee to stay organized
✔ Create unlimited discounts, fees, and Requirements
✔ Calculate discount/fee rates based on product quantity, total, weight, or volume
✔ Calculate discount/fee rates based on cart quantity, total, weight, distance or volume
✔ Choose how the Final Cost is to be calculated: Single, Cumulative
✔ Import/Export feature allows you to share your rates setup and keep backups
✔ Combine rates by sort order using the Multiple Rate Calculations setting: Single, Sum, Average, Lowest, Highest
✔ Assign a tax class to the discount/fee.
✔ Select the stores, customer group and geozones that the discount/fee rate will apply to
✔ Define postal code ranges to further limit who the discount/fee rate is available to
✔ Select the applicable categories for the discount/fee cost and how the discount/fee will be calculated based on categories
✔ Enable/Disable discount/fee when customer enters a valid coupon code
✔ Ability to clone rates to make setting up rates more efficient
Cart: quantity, total, weight, volume, length, width, distance, and height
Product: quantity, total, weight, volume, length, width, height, name, model, SKU, UPC, EAN, JAN, ISBN, MPN, location, stock, categories, and manufacturer
Customer: name, email, telephone, fax, company, address, city, and postal code
Other Requirements: currency, day of the week, date, time, payment method, shipping method, and coupon

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