OpenCart Age Verification Extension

OpenCart Age Verification Extension

OpenCart age verification module offers functionality to validate the age of online users. It shows an age verification popup on the website for asking the date of birth of online users. Admin can also set the look and feel of age verification popup.

Admin Benefits:
1. It is very simple to install, configure and implement this OpenCart age verification module.
2.No code changes required for implementing age verification functionality.
3. Admin can verify if the online user is adult or not. Only adult customer can access the website.
4. The OpenCart age verification popup module allows admin to show/hide DOB field.
5. The online merchant is allowed to fix the minimum age which is essential for accessing the site.
6. The OpenCart age verification module allows managing the look and feel of the age verification popup.
7. Admin can set the logo and also preview the themes.
8. This OpenCart age verification module supports multiple languages.
9. Multiple themes are available for the look and feel customization.

Basic Features:
1. The e-merchant can implement OpenCart age verification module for validating the age of store visitors for accessing the store.
2. The age verification popup asks the customers, guests visitors to enter their DOB for accessing the website.
3. A drop-down list is available for selecting the Date of Birth details.
4. This OpenCart age verification extension is multi-lingual compatible and offers a simple implementation.
5. As an eCommerce store owner, you can set the popup title and description from the admin interface.
6.OpenCart age verification module provides an option to set a logo and theme for the age verification popup.
7. The online store owner can also set the redirect URL from the admin interface. The customers will be redirected to the URL if he closes the age verification popup.
8. The OpenCart verification extension allows the store admin to set the terms and conditions from the admin interface.
9. The online store admin can also select the Geolocation for showing the age verification popup.

Customer Benefits:
1. Adult customers can enter the date of birth and access the store easily.
2. Attractive age verification popup and the drop-down list make the age verification process hassle-free.
3. Customers can also view the terms and conditions by clicking on “Terms and Conditions”.


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