TS Fix Analytics List v1.0

TS Fix Analytics List v1.0
The Modifier Fix Analytics List v1.0 by Tramplin Studio fixes the bug associated with incorrect display of the list of modules in the Analytics extensions in the OpenCart/ocStore versions 2.2 and 2.3.

In the update of OC 2.2, in the section of analytical extensions, for each individual store has its own settings. It was a very useful innovation, but an bug was made when forming the table, which was eliminated only in OC 3.0.

How does the bug manifest itself?
If you have only one analytical module installed, most likely this is a simple basic Google Analytics module, then you will not notice anything. However, if you have another module installed (for example, our module "TS Yandex Metrika") or several, then only the last stores in the module list will be available. Stores of other modules will not be displayed, their settings will not be available. After installing the Fix Analytics List modifier, you can see all stores, all modules.

Useful tips:
  • If you are serious about conversions your online store and it is important for you to know everything about the actions of visitors, then our other module "TS Yandex Metrika" can be very useful to you! With this module, you can transfer not only simple data such as link clicks and clicks to the Yandex.Metrica service, but also detailed information about site visitors, e-commerce data, and also set up goals for tracking conversions without interfering with the site code and not possessing deep knowledge in web development.


Module page on the developer site:


Watch DEMO admin (login: demo, pass: demo)


Installation Instructions:
  1. Go to Admin panel -> Modules -> Install extensions;
  2. Just upload the archive with the module for your OpenCart or ocStore;
  3. Update modifier cache.

Files are not overwritten!
Used by OCMod!


This modifier is a completed non-commercial product. Further modifier update is unlikely.
See other modules of our development on this resource or on our website:
Site: https://tramplin-studio.store/
E-mail: info@tramplin-studio.store

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