Opencart Size Chart Extension

Opencart Size Chart Extension

The majority of returns for eCommerce apparel items are due to the customer not being satisfied with the fit. The OpenCart Product size chart by Knowband allows you to create multiple Size Charts. Using Product Size Chart, the merchant can show the different types of size charts for each category, product, and manufacturers available on his/her store.

1. Size Catalog helps you create multiple size charts and map them to the product pages.
2. Through Product size chart, you can also map the size chart with a Manufacturer.
3. Store Manager can add images, HTML content, text, and guidelines for supporting the size chart.
4. This Product size table offers a user-friendly interface.
5. The admin can easily create multiple size charts and map them to a particular product, a category of the products without any complexity.

Features of Opencart Size Chart Extension:

1. Showcase multiple Size Charts:Product size chart allows you to display Size chart on the product pages of your eCommerce store.
2. Effortless Installation:Product size Table is easy to install and configure.
3. Hassle-free On/Off:Admin can Enable/Disable the whole Product size chart module without any hassle.
4. Fully Customizable:Product size Tablesare fully customizable.
5. No Technical Knowledge Required:No technical knowledge is required for the configuration of this Size chart.
6. Add Images, HTML Content: Product size chart provides an option to add images, guidelines or any HTML content to the size chart.
7. Create Multiple Category Charts:Product size chart can create size charts for category of products, a single product, or a manufacturer.
8. Create Unlimited Rows and Columns:An unlimited number of rows and columns on the size charts can be added as per requirement in this.
9. Preview your Chart: The Product size chart provides the preview option where you can view your chart before mapping it with the Product.
10. Multi-Lingual: The Product size catalog is multi-lingual Compatible.

Business Value

1. Product size chart catalog provides online sellers the easiest way of creating size charts for various products available on their website.
2. Store Manager can assign size charts with single products as well as with multiple product categories through Product size chart.
3. Product size chart addon is fully customizable. It allows merchants to add images and necessary content to size charts. Rows and columns can be added easily by the seller if needed.
4. Product size chart allows store owners to preview size charts before implementation.
5. Size catalog ofOpenCart marketplace offers multi-lingual support and increases the conversion rate of the website.
6. Product size chart reduces website’s bounce rate which results in increased revenue of the store.
7. Product return requests get reduced with the use of size charts at e-commerce platform.

Customer Benefits

1. Product size catalog provides a friendly and attractive interface to users with which they can check the size of the products.
2. Product size chart reduces confusion of customers regarding product size and also increases their decision making while purchasing.
3. It provides a better shopping experience to users.


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