XML FEED with editable tags ( structure )

XML FEED  with editable tags ( structure )
It will export product data on all products with their categories, attributes,options, images in xml format.

You can edit tags and modify ( combine ) data

You can edit xml easy , add extra tags at any place in feed.

You can add extra tags( store name, date, url, phone ...)

Export categories, attributes,options, images in tags or create lists

Choose language on feed. Sort by price, name, id. Filter feed by category or manufacturers

Data is filtered(escaped) to work with xml standards

Password protected

Choose which tags you will display in feed

Demo http://demo.plusmotiv.com/discountX/admin/index.php?route=extension/module/xml_premium&user_token=ef0OGIwrKLH7UE1H1SpR40bd3en2pUBc&module_id=40

Or from module list select Xml feed

Login with admin / admin

You can create unlimited xml feeds. For example you can create xml file for each category

Access to module : http://www.yourdomain.com/index.php?/index.php?route=extension/feed/xml5&name=module_name&password=password

In settings you have text areas for input xml.

Main xml: In main xml you should put full xml and for place where products will be shown use tag [[products]]
On this place it will repeat Product xml text area for each product

Products xml: This will repeat for all products, so use something like this <item></item> or <product></products>

Tags that you can use here are
[[ean]], [[upc]], [[mpn], [[quantity]], [[sku], [[price]], [[special], [[model]],[[location]], [[width]], [[height]], [[depth]], [[weight]], [[meta_description]], [[meta_keywords]], [[meta_title]], [[name]],[[manufacturer]], [[link]]

Here you can use [[categories]] . This tag will be replaced with Categories xml

You can also use [[categories_list]] . This will be replaced with all categories imploded with category separator which is also set in settings

With same way you can use [[images]] [[attributes]] [[options]]

And lists [[images_list]] [[attributes_list]] [[options_list]]

Categories xml: This will repeat for all categories for one product. You can use [[category_id]] and [[name]] tags

Images xml: This will repeat for all images for one product. You can use [[image_id]] and [[name]] tags

Attributes xml: This will repeat for all Attributes for one product. You can use [[attribute_id]] [[group]] [[text]]and [[name]] tags

Options xml: This will repeat for all Options for one product. You can use [[option_id]] [[option]] [[value]] and [[name]] tags

Use link http://www.yourdomain.com/index.php?/index.php?route=extension/feed/xml5&name=module_name&password=password&limit=number (replace word 'number' with real numbers) to limit number of products

You can also use start in url. This way you can paginate products.
Ex.link http://www.yourdomain.com/index.php?/index.php?route=extension/feed/xml5&name=module_name&password=password&limit=20&start=100

For access to different language add &lang=laguage_id

Save feed by adding &save=1 in url
Than you can access to saved file yourdomain/products.xml

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What is this extension not work on my site?
- If this extension not work on your site, it has problems with yours other installed extensions, than we will help you to solve the problems.
- If we can't help you you have full right to refund this module

Do i get free update?
- We offer 12 mounts support for this module, fixing problems and update
- How often we make updates it depend from number of sales and customer requirements

How much time i need for installation?
- It is a ocmod file, with 2-3 click it is installed from extension installer( 2 min )
- We offer free installation


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  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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