X-Boost - Speed up your pages / Lower TTFB

X-Boost  - Speed up your pages / Lower TTFB
X-Boost - Speed up your product and checkout pages. It is NOT a page cache. Instead, it does other things to reduce TTFB.

* Optimizing queries
* Running batch queries instead of a single query
* Intuitive Prefetching queries
* Ignoring hitting into DB for unnecessary queries
* Optimized Events System, Shopping Cart to speed up page speed
* DB indexing - It creates indexes that your store actually needs. It does not create any unnecessary indexing
* Optimized DB caching - Product, category and manufacturer
* Minifying page contents

When does X-Boost come in handy?
* If you don't want to use the hardcore page cache
* If you are looking for an alternative solution to reduce TTFB
* If your store has slowness due to a significant number of products
* If your checkout page is slower to respond
* If you are looking for DB cache (File system cache)

Does it impact my google page speed?
Nope. Sorry, it is just an optimization to lower your TTFB. It will do nothing on google page speed score Or SEO.

It is NOT a page cache!
In many cases, page cache is not a suitable solution because it has several adverse effects that include:
* Data inconsistency (It may display stale data though data got changed already at the other places)
* Dynamic Module incompatibility (Some module requires new data each time to render)
* It does not reduce actual processing time, so high latency time in the case of a cache miss

Number of products: 15,000
URL: Click Here

Trial Use
If you want to use it before purchasing, click here to download it


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