Easy image to products' attributes

Easy image to products' attributes
Now you can easily add images to attributes with "Easy images products attributes". With this you can assign image thumbnails for each of your attributes and have the appeared in your front end store. Each one of the attribute groups are displayed in new lines so you don't have to worry about confusing your customers in case you have different attribute groups assigned.

Attribute group: Processor
- Attribute name: Clockspeed (image is assigned to this one)
-- Attribute value: 3.40Ghz

If you have not assigned an image in one attribute then it will not appear in the front end store! Simple as that!

-- Note that it does not replace the default specification tab --

=== Adding the attributes' images in the following pages ===
✔️ Product page
✔️ Category page
✔️ Manufacturer page
✔️ Search results page
✔️ Specials page
✔️ Quickview popups
✔️ Catalog page [Journal3]

=== Available in ===

=== Suitable for ===
✔️ Car tyre websites
✔️ Clothing websites
✔️ Any website that needs images in each attribute

=== With 4 styles available... ===
✔️ Image without text [suitable for apparel stores etc.]
✔️ Text with small round image [suitable for automotive, tyres stores etc.]
✔️ Image with text in tooltip
✔️ Classic style, with small text below image

=== ...2 layout positions... ===
✔️ Above product info
✔️ Below price

=== ...and compatible with ===
OC ver.: 2.x.x
✔️ Default OC template
✔️ Journal 2

OC ver.: 3.x.x
✔️ Default OC template
✔️ Journal 2
✔️ Journal 3
✔️ Monota
✔️ Zeexo

Now you can customize the attribute's value text color.

== For ==
ℹ️ Bug fixes
ℹ️ More info
ℹ️ Further questions / clarifications
ℹ️ Compatibility requests

>> Submit a ticket or send us an email

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a) If you changed (added/removed) something in/from our code and something crashed in your website, is not our fault and is not a reason for a refund.
b) We guarantee that the plugin works for the default product/attribute db parsing queries and for tthe code given as is (without any further changes). Any other changes on the plugin (from your side) are not a reason for refunds.
c) If you have any custom made code/templates, or plugins related to attribute/products parsing, any implementations might have an extra cost and it's not a reason for a refund.

What customers say about Easy image to products' attributes

The extension is perfect, the developer is very responsive and attentive. I recommend a thousand times !


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