Split Dispatch and Backorder

Split Dispatch and Backorder
If you have a store that has a lot of backordered items, this simple but effective extension will make that process a lot easier.

This extension allows you to part dispatch orders that have more that one product ordered and keeps a record of which orders have products outstanding.

When you get new stock, easily look up the orders that have a particular product outstanding by filtering on new "Outstanding Orders" page by a specific product name or model (new autocomplete filter fields) to find which orders have that product outstanding.

Two new buttons are available on the Order View page: Part Dispatch and Set All Backorder.
The Part Dispatch button opens a new form where you specify the quantity of the of the products that are being shipped and create a dispatch note with quantity details.
The Set All Backorder button sets the Shipped Quantity for all products (whether one product or many) to 0 without needing to use the dispatch form.

In the catalog side (My Account) there is a new link for "Your backorders". If a customer has any orders with backordered products, the orders and the list of ourstanding products can be seen.

  • The new buttons are only shown when they are useable. i.e. if the order already has products backordered then the Set All Backorder button does not show.
  • When a part dispatched order has had all the products shipped, the new buttons will no longer be available.
  • When viewing a part dispatched order, the quantity column will show the number of products shipped in brackets eg. 10(7).
  • The order list shows outstanding part dispatched orders in Red and completed part dispatched orders in Green.
  • You can view all outstanding orders by clicking on the 'Outstanding' button at the top of the order list.

Install via the Extension Installer.

Instructions are availble here: Split Dispatch and backorder


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
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