Opencart Abandoned Cart Extension

Opencart Abandoned Cart Extension

Abandoned Cart Extension for OpenCart allows the store admin to send reminder emails to the customers who have not completed the order. If a customer follows all the required steps to place an order, like adding the product to the cart, navigated to the checkout page, and entered required information at the checkout page but left the website without placing the order. Such orders are considered abandoned carts or missing orders.

It is required to take essential steps to reduce cart abandonment. Abandoned Cart Extension is one of the best tools to win back customers who have abandoned the cart and helps to increase the conversion rate.

Benefits of the Abandoned Cart Extension:

1. Track the cart abandonment: The admin can keep track of the cart abandonment from the back-end of the Abandoned Cart module. Based on the data admin can make decisions to increase the conversion.
2. Follow-up emails to win customers: The Abandoned Cart module allows the store admin to send reminder emails to the customers who have provided their email addresses. By reminding customers about their cart items you can increase the chances of sales.
3. Follow the industry trends: All the top online brands send reminder emails to their customers to encourage them to complete their orders. OpenCart Abandoned Cart Extension allows you to send automated reminder emails to your store customers.
4. Offer enticing discounts: The admin can offer special discounts to the customers over emails. Customer loves discounts and by offering an exclusive discount on the cart items you can convert the abandoned cart into a paid order.
5. Monitor conversion: The admin can monitor the cart conversion from the module back-end. This can also help the admin to prepare the strategy for the sales.

Key Features of the Abandoned Cart - Follow-up email extension:

1. Simple installation and configuration: The Abandoned Cart module is easy to install and configure.
2. Abandoned Cart delay: The admin can set a delay after which a cart will be considered an abandoned cart. For example, a customer initiated the checkout process and left the website to check the competitor's price or due to some urgent work and then returned back to the website after 40 mins to complete the order. So based on the domain and niche or customer behavior admin can set the Mark Abandoned Cart delay to 1 Hrs. Only after 1 hour, the cart be considered an abandoned cart and accordingly emails will be triggered.
3. Automated follow-up emails: The admin can select the option to send the reminder emails as automatic or manually.
4. Email templates: The admin can edit the existing email templates or create new email templates as per their requirements. OpenCart Abandoned Cart extension allows the admin to create the discounted or non-discounted emails.
5. Serial reminders: The admin can set up the emails to trigger in a sequence. The abandoned Cart module allows the admin to set the delay to trigger the emails.
6. Track abandoned carts: The admin can keep the track of the cart abandonments from the module back-end.
7. Converted carts: The admin can check the converted carts. If a customer has made a purchase after receiving the abandoned cart email then the converted cart tab will show the details of such carts.
8. Analytics: The admin can check the number of abandoned carts and converted carts on monthly basis from the analytics section.
9. Coupons: The admin can keep the track of the coupons generated for the reminder emails from the coupons tab of the Abandoned Cart module. The admin can also check the details of the used and unused coupon codes.

What your customers will like:
1. Customers will get reminder emails with the product price and image. By clicking the checkout link customer will be redirected to the checkout page that will help the customer experience.
2. By sending a special coupon code to complete the purchase you can increase customer retention and the customer will also feel valued.
3. The emails help to develop a personal relationship with the customers. The personalized emails to the customer will help you to develop a good relationship with the customer.


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