Opencart Multi Vendor Amazon S3

Opencart Multi Vendor Amazon S3
Opencart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3- Opencart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 is one such extension that facilitates the admin and sellers of a store to create downloadable products and store these downloadable files on the Amazon Server.

Once the links of the downloadable files are created on the Amazon Server, these links can be retrieved by the admin and sellers.

These links are easily accessible to the customers, and they can just download the files from the Amazon S3 in a usual way, regardless of time and space.

Opencart Multi Vendor Amazon S3 is an add-on of Opencart Marketplace Module. To use this module you must have installed Marketplace Module.

Use Case

With so much data which is present online nowadays, it is essential to secure the data so as to avoid data loss because online data theft has become one of the major concerns for online business entrepreneurs.

Amazon S3, which is also known as Amazon Simple Storage Service is an Object Storage Service provided by the AWS or Amazon Web Services.

It helps store a large portion of the data in the Amazon S3 bucket, thus making it accessible for the users at any time of the day and at a comparatively faster speed. This reduces the load on the local server and creates a backup of the files on the Amazon Server, which can be retrieved whenever there is a downtime situation.


  • Works well the Opencart Marketplace downloadable products.
  • This module help store the local data on the Amazon Server.
  • Distributes the data load of the local server/ store.
  • Admin can set which file can be uploaded on the Server (Local/Amazon).
  • Admin can allow the sellers to upload the products.
  • The seller can download and store the files on Amazon S3 Server.
  • Customers have the leverage to download the files from Amazon Server at any time and place.

Work Flow

On installing the module, the admin has to configure the settings of the Opencart Multi-Vendor Amazon S3 extension.

For configurations settings of the module, the admin will have to configure the fields such as the status of the extension, S3 Bucket Name, S3 Access Key, S3 Secret Key, and S3 Region.

Thereafter, the admin and sellers need to create downloadable products for which they need to configure the following fields- Download Name, Filename and Mask fields.

The admin and the sellers can choose a product from their respective product lists, and store the downloadable product files under the Links tab of the product chosen by both the admin and the seller.

On saving the products, the links of the downloadable files are generated on the Amazon S3 bucket and are saved on the Amazon server.

These are visible to the admin and the sellers under Account downloads.

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