PDF Invoice PRO

PDF Invoice PRO
What is PDF Invoicing?

PDF Invoicing is one of the important parts of the sales Invoice driven by a PDF format and this PDF can be emailed to customer and admin once the order is confirmed by the customers.

This usually saves times because when an order is placed on the store, it automatically generates the Invoice upon order confirmation and if the email is auto-configured the email of the Invoice copy is fired to user and admin in PDF content.

customer can also download it from his/her user account and admin can also download it from his admin panel.

TMD PDF Invoice is generated for generating the PDF Invoices on order confirmation.

Part of TMD PDF Invoice PRO

* Order and Customer Details

* Billing and Shipping Address Details

* Set your own colors on the Invoice

* Choose which columns to display

* Setting up Invoice Formatting

* Custom Footer

TMD PDF Invoice Configuration for admin

1. Invoice with Email

Admin can define the invoice configuration as when an Invoice should be sent to the customer. TMD PDF Invoice PRO can be sent by admin on various order status such as Canceled, Reversal, Chargeback, Complete, Denied, Expired, Failed.

Pending, Processed, Processing, Refunded, Reversed, Shipped or Voided.

A copy of PDF can be sent on admin on the original language.

Admin can also set Invoice Number to be automatically generated or set it manually

2. Invoice Options

Display custom field in the Invoice whichever an admin wants to display

Use manual Invoice prefix to the PDF file

Set paper format either portrait or landscape

Also, display customer ID and customer comment if required.

3. Customize your PDF Invoice Template

Admin can customize the PDF Invoice format as which columns to display and which not to display. TMD PDF Invoice Pro allows store admin to hide or activate the required field to display on Invoice.

Display or hide total on tax added

Show Barcode in different format viz product id, SKU, UPC or EAN number

Change the color on different sections of the PDF such as main text, title, table head background and table borders and admin can also use watermark logo to show on the PDF.

4. Enable Custom Blocks

Custom block enables store admin to add additional text either on top or bottom of the page. The custom block provides various ways to add your Website information on Invoice. For more clarification find above sample copy of PDF Invoice with custom blocks at the footer.


What customers say about PDF Invoice PRO

Great module and great support! Works like a charm with opencart I think this developper is the best OpenCart Partner !


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