Slasoft Previous Next and Search Order

Slasoft Previous Next and Search Order
When you view your order, you always need to GO BACK to Sales > Order looking for which one?
Here is simple and quick solution for you:
As you may have 15 orders per day, you can click to next order to view and if you want to skip that button, just input directly the order number!

This is light-weight extension, just install with extension installer and refresh, then you can use it.
No core files overwrite.

Demo Admin:
User: demo
Password: demo
*If you want to search an order from customer name, phone number or email , then you can consider look at this advanced extension :
Slasoft Admin Dynamic Search Bar -opencart 3
List of search features:
- Search categories by name
- Search products by Product Name
- Search products by Sku
- Search products by Model name/number
- Search orders by Order number
- Search orders by Invoice number
- Search orders by Customer Last name, First name
- Search orders by Customer Email
- Search orders by Customer Phone number
- Search customers by Email
- Search customers by Phone number
* When you see the result dynamically present, once you click will direct to the exact edit page.
1-Click action result.


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