Ultimate Abandoned Cart - Best Ways to Recover Abandoned Carts

Ultimate Abandoned Cart - Best Ways to Recover Abandoned Carts

Ultimate Abandoned Cart is the ultimate abandoned cart reminder module extension to recover lost orders (means customers who left at cart/checkout pages.) that allows you to send reminder to your customers via Email or SMS (Text Message).

✯ Increase in Sales
If you send an abandoned cart notification, with an extra offer or free shipping or any other persuasive factor, the user might complete his purchase and then there will be an increase in the number of purchases.

✯ Re-Engage Old Customers
You can send them a reminder notification once you find that a user has left a product in his cart. You can start sending him notifications from 30 minutes later. This probably can be more initiated to persuade him to complete the purchase by giving him additional offers like free shipping, extra discount or anything else depending on what product he had left in his cart.

✯ Increase in Conversion Rate
Reminding the user about a product in his shopping cart which he might have forgotten can actually make a purchase happen. Sending a reminder in the form of an Abandoned Cart Notification with a personalization shortly after the user leaves the site will keep the item on top of his mind and might encourage the user to make a comeback to complete the purchase.

✯ Easy and Quick Communication
Abandoned Cart Notification is the easiest way of reminding customers about their products. If you send an email, the average time taken to deliver a response is around 6 hours or more.

☑ Send & Schedule Email & SMS Reminder
Setup email & sms templates with variables available and ultimate abandoned cart will automatically send notification to your customers. You can send manually also.

☑ Send Automated SMS & Email with Cart Link
Setup templates (by setting up discounts, free shipping, days, etc.) to send sms & email with cart link (link to customer's cart (products added) page)

☑ Complete Abandoned Cart Customer Details
Whenver a customer add a product to cart, you will get details of that customer whether registered or guest.

☑ Track Abandoned Carts in statistics
Want to see how many customers really recovered via ultimate abandoned cart, then go to statistics/analytics tab.

☑ Works with all checkouts & themes
We have tested Ultimate abandoned cart on many checkouts & themes, and it works awesome.

☑ Support Multi Store & Multi Language
Ultimate Abandoned Cart supports multi store & multi language features.

Note: For SMS Reminder, You have to Purchase Ultimate SMS Pro Module.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 3 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included


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