Timezone Setting for both PHP and Database

Timezone Setting for both PHP and Database
Easier way to configure both PHP and Database timezone under "Extension ->Module ->Timezone-> " page.

Whenever enable or disable this extension, you will need to rebuild the cache.
1. Go to "Extensions -> Modifications", click the refresh button at the top right corner.
2. Go to "Dashboard", click the setting button at the top right corner, and refresh the theme cache.

This module allows you to set a different time zone to your site.

Integration with Opencart is seamless. Once installed, go to the module configuration page and select your timezone.

One interesting feature is suppose your hosting company doesn't use the same time zone as the one you want, you end up with a time not shown as you want.

The module is available for Opencart 2 and also for Opencart 1. Contact me before installing on Opencart.

    Specify time zone you are want. All world time zones are available to choose.

    Time zone setting will be applicable everywhere in MySQL and PHP, and will be visible and used safely by other modules without any further changes.

    Supports time zones that have "daylight savings time". When daylight savings happen, it just works!

    Set the time of day (hours/minutes) for orders in the admin dashboard.

    100% Safe and Compatible with all Opencart modules.

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For any question, bug, feature request or installation query, contact: spr.amit.dholiya@gmail.com

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