Product Extra Description

Product Extra Description
With this extension you can add custom extra description to the product page. the extension supports multilingual functionality.

Live demo
Admin: Module Setting
Admin: product Form
Front-End: Product Page

You can write your extra description in the module settings to display on all product pages. it is also possible to write different description for each product in the product editing form.
You can use product variables in this description, for example if you write:
Number of visits: {viewed}
Number of items sold: {sales}
Date Added: {date_added}
SKU: {sku}
Weight: {weight}

It will display:
Number of visits: 1546
Number of items sold: 140
Date Added: 03/02/2009
SKU: 055717b
Weight: 5.00kg

List of variables you can use:

Install Instructions
- Login to your OpenCart Administration panel
- Go to Extensions > Installer and upload zip file suited for your OpenCart version
- Go to Extensions > Extensions > Modules > Product Extra Description > Install and enable
- Go to Extensions > Modifications > Refresh
- Go to Admin Dashboard > Developer Settings (gear icon) > Refresh

Free Installation and Support

No core files are changed or replaced.

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