Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendor

Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendor
Opencart B2B Wholesale Catalogue for Vendor- allow the B2B sellers to acquire the admin product. For this, the admin needs to first create a product list which will be visible to the seller.

Then the sellers will visualize the list in which they can add the price, quantity and upload the image.
The admin can even select the mail template which will be shared with the seller. This mail will notify the about- Product Approval, and the Product enable/disable.

Please Note - This is a marketplace add-on, so you must purchase and install Webkul Multi vendor Multi Seller/supplier Marketplace first.

Use Case

In a B2B marketplace, where multiple sellers are operating. It becomes compulsory for the sellers to get identified.

This module will allow the seller to present the product at their cost. The seller can even upload the product image which specifies the quality and style of the product the seller is dealing in.

The admin here has a critical role with the ability to control the actions of sellers. Thus, providing a usable solution where the admin products can be sold by sellers.

  • The admin can create a product list which the seller can acquire themselves.

  • The seller can acquire the product by specifying its quantity.

  • The seller can add a desired image of the product as per their requirement.

  • The admin can have the authority to approve the quantity and price of the product.

  • Allow the admin to list down the product which can be acquired by sellers even.

  • The seller will get the suggestion with regard to the best product to be sold by the seller for the price comparison.

  • The admin will select the template of the mail that the seller will receive on a particular action.


Post successful installation of the module the admin can set the configuration as per business requirement.

Herein, the admin can define the rights of the seller like Auto Approval, Image upload, product edit option, purchase of their product, and tracking status. The admin can even enable the option of Product display.

The admin can even enter if the Suggestion list is visible to the seller or not. It will also specify the number of products appearing in the section.

Finally, the admin can define the template of the mail which will notify the seller about various activities happening in-store.

The admin then can create a Product List that is visible to the seller. These product lists can be approved by the seller.

Wherein the seller can define the product price, quantity, and corresponding image.

Remember- The admin can even exclusively allocate a product to the seller in the seller management section.

The approval request then either goes to admin or gets automatically approved. Then the admin examines the requests which were not automatically approved.

Herein the admin can either accept or reject the request.

Eventually, when all the processing is accomplished the customer can view the product of the sellers on-sell page.

The seller can even view the product on the seller profile page. Thus, allowing the customer to end up purchasing the best choice as per requirement.

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