Delete Old Images

Delete Old Images
Quickly and easily find and delete old, unused images and recover some server disk space!

New for v1.3: Now you can MOVE the images to a backup folder instead of deleting them. Once sure, you can then clear the backup files with the click of a button! Images are moved to ../images/backup/ folder and retain the folder structure.

NOTE: This will only work with folders and image names that have ASCII characters (a-z, A-Z, 0-9, -, _, space etc....). The extension will detect folders and files that do not conform to standard naming practice and display a warning. These folders and files will not be shown - you will need to correct the bad names via FTP.

I wrote this extension for myself as I had about 5000 orphaned images that I needed to delete, not a task I could do without this extension.

This extension compares the file names on the server with the file names in the database and displays any files that do not have an entry in the database. You can then choose to delete some or all of the files in a single click.

Also included is a 'Clear Cache' function that clears the data and images caches.

To use, simply select which folders/directories that you want to check, set it so seach for sub-folders or not and click on the check button.

Folder selections can be saved for future use.

Checks for images in the database Image fields and Description fields. Default is to check and delete images in the ../images/catalog/ folder as that is the default location, but if you have an ../images/data/ directory (probably due to a legacy extension) then you will have the option to check those folders also.

Currently only available for Opencart 3 and 2.3.x, but if anyone would like an earlier version then let me know and I will make one available.

Instructions are available here Delete Old Images.

Demo available here: Delete Old Images Demo
U: demo
P: demo
Go to Extension > Modules - > Old Images
For the demo, the images don't actually get deleted.

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