Skroutz for OpenCart

Skroutz for OpenCart

If you just need to get a feed with your products and set up e-commerce for Skroutz, then you are there. No extra settings, only those that are needed.

In one Extension you will get:
- XML Skroutz Product Feed,
- Skroutz Analytics,
- Skroutz Ecommerce Tracking.

Demo Admin
Demo Feed

Important info
On last link you will see XML Product Feed, each time the link is accessed, the feed is dynamically generated anew and saved to the file in the root of the site You can also add the only_generate GET parameter and you simply generate the file and do not get the file in the browser. You can use this option using CRON to generate XML wget

(if you have a version below 3.x you need to configure your FTP settings on Setting page)

- go to Installer (or Extension Installer if you have a version below 2.3)

- then click button Upload and wait

- go to Modifications

- Click Refresh button

- go to Extensions, select Feeds (or just go to Feeds if you have a version below 2.3)

- Install and then Edit

In the near future, the module will appear on all versions starting from 2.0.x


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • Documentation Included



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23 Sep 2019
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