AJAX - series of product models LITE for oc3.0x

AJAX - series of product models LITE for oc3.0x
Product variants displayed on one product page instead of options - by color, volume, weight, size. Without page reload, using AJAX.
PRO VERSION MULTI AJAX series of product models
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This module allows you to display multiple products as one, useful for product variants, product lines, and whatever related products you want to display together as one product.
Using AJAX, you can replace products behind the scene without visible page change - without page reload and URL change.

It is up to you which product data in the admin to use to set the variants.

The main advantage is that you can use the product full functionality instead of options - SKU, specials, discounts, requires shipping, and options for the product variant.
Better SEO - on category page, manufacturer page an all other pages and modules you have only one product, no repetitive product titles and descriptions.
For all product variants, you have product reviews grouped on one page, no link juice lose for similar or duplicate pages with tons of canonical links.
Because every product variant is a full product in admin you can assign it its options and this solve the related options problem. For example, a red t-shirt has its sizes and blue t-shirt theirs and both colors are grouped as one product.

Useful for fragrance stores, clothing stores, book stores...Every store that needs product variants.
Supports multistore
Feature Highlights
    Optional display of product variants on category, manufacturer, specials pages with settings.
    Image, price, title, attributes change on click/mouseover.
    Grouped product reviews for all variants.
    Nine product page variants.
    Hide product variants:
    - YES - variants are accessible only on the product page, cart, compare, and wishlist;
    - NO - variants are displayed on category, manufacturer, specials pages and displayed together on product page.
    301 redirect:
    - YES - with direct link to the variant 301 redirect to the main product URL*;
    - NO - variants are accessible with direct link.
    *Redirect example: The variant URL redirects to the main product URL with variant data displayed using AJAX.
    Hashtag # in the product URL:
    - YES - for the product variants a hashtag is added as last URL item (SEO - the main product URL is indexed only)*;
    - NO - same URL whatever variant is displayed.
    * URL with hashtag example domain.com/product/#id-red when switched to another variant it becomes domain.com/product/#id-black
    Keeps full product functionality.
    Hide product variant if quantity is 0.
    You can switch the product on product page if the main product quantity is 0.
    Keeps your product catalog without duplicated products when only color or size is different.
    Supports all product variant data - price, discounts, special, options, product status, quantity, add to wishlist, add to compare and so on.
    If one product variant has special price the product is displayed on the specials page.
    If one product variant is a bestsller the product is displayed as bestseller.
    Product variant switched data is set in admin, it is up to you what to be changed when the variant is switched.(image, price, special price, sku, attributes and so on).
    Settings for which data to add if you want to add the product as a related product.
    Optional you can add all product variants on the product page (you can define the position by selector):
    - insert Before - before the selector;
    - prepend To - inside the selector, at the beginning of the block;
    - append To - inside the selector, at the end of the block;
    - insert After - after the selector block;
    Useful "Helpers" in the admin





DEMO ADMIN demo demo


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Please take care of our and your time!

What customers say about AJAX - series of product models LITE for oc3.0x

Curious license management and the developer must necessarily access the site to finalize the installation but great job ! fantastic extension ! Compatible with my theme "Journal" and my product filter "Mega Poduct Filter Plus" ... really, I recommend !


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