MailQueue V1.0 for OpenCart V3

MailQueue V1.0 for OpenCart V3
Take Control of your OC mail

Never lose an email again
Manage your emails in one central station
Hold or Release the entire Queue or each individual Mail
Mail handling setting per Communication
  • Contact, Order Confirmation, Alerts, etc.
  • Send immediately, by the Queue, Keep a copy, Put on Hold, Priority
    Reduce response-times waiting for your mail-server to send your mail while online checking out
  • Approx. 90% is caused by waiting for mail to be send
  • Let Bots send the mail for you, put them to work!
  • Your response times will improve dramatically
  • Schedule Mail sending via a secure job with API credentials
  • Or send them manually, any time
    Resend any mail with reply and cc addresses
    Create new mail and change existing mail, Text and Html
    Review your mail before it is send
    Multi Lingual
    Multi Store
    Filter mail on names, addresses, type, status, hold and send
    Automatically test mail settings with full debugging
      So you don’t have to

    Automatically check all possible mail settings including ssl, tls, mail engines, mail classes
      See which settings work for you

      Manage those settings directly in MailQueue

    Full per Queue and per Mail event logging
    MailQueue - Main View

    MailQueue - Main View with Filters

    MailQueue - on Hold (no mail is send)

    MailQueue - Released (all pending & released Mail is send)

    MailQueue - Edit Mail

    MailQueue - Create New Mail

    MailQueue - Settings

    MailQueue - Settings General

    MailQueue - Settings Communication

    MailQueue - Settings Display

    MailQueue - Settings OC Mail & Tests

    MailQueue - Mail Log

    6 Months
    Free Support
    DEMO: user:demo - password:demo
    Version 1.0 for Opencart V2 coming soon!

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