Opencart Shipping Timer

Opencart Shipping Timer

Allows eCommerce sellers to show one-day shipping countdown timer for the selected products, categories and manufacturers. By adding same-day delivery concept for your online shop, you can create urgency among customers to purchase a product quickly before the offer ends. OpenCart Shipping Timer extension from Knowband is an amazing plugin for your online shop to display countdown timers for same-day shipping of products. Such type of Countdown Timer gives compelling reasons to the customers to complete the transaction thus helping you to drive more sales for your business. When your customer orders a product within the specified time limit, then, the products are delivered on the same day and thereby encouraging their purchase.

Create urgency to buy: By showing one-day shipping timer for your desired products and categories, you can trigger their decision to complete their buy at your store.

Set custom timer: You can modify or configure the shipping timer for your shop. This includes setting the timer validity, countdown start date/time, end date/time, vacation dates etc.

Choose timer validity: Select the type of countdown timer you want to show on your website i.e single day or multiple days. Based on the validity type, you can set the days and time.

Manage orders: All the orders placed for the products displaying shipping timer can be easily managed from the back-office. For filtered results, you can apply various filters for order ID, order status, date added, order total, etc.

Offer for limited product range: With this plugin, you get the flexibility to show the one-day shipping timer for selected products, categories and manufacturers.

Add desired text and banners: You can set the main text, subtext, and banners which will be shown above the countdown timer. You can also set the text and images for the case when the timer is not visible on the frontend.

Toggle button functionality: The whole functionality of this shipping timer plugin can be enabled or disabled by turning the toggle switch to ON or OFF.

Ease of installation: Without any coding modifications, you can easily incorporate one-day shipping timer for your site products. So, no technicalities are involved during installation and setup.

Compatibility support: This shipping timer extension supports multiple languages and Opencart stores. Moreover, the same day shipping timer is device responsive.


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