CryptAPI Payment Gateway

CryptAPI Payment Gateway
Accept payments in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Matic and USDT directly to your crypto wallet, without any sign-ups or lengthy processes.

All you need is to provide your crypto address.

Allow users to pay with crypto directly on your store

The CryptAPI extension enables your OpenCart store to get receive payments in cryptocurrency, with a simple setup and no sign-ups required.

Currently accepted cryptocurrencies are:

  • (BTC) Bitcoin
  • (BCH) Bitcoin Cash
  • (LTC) Litecoin
  • (ETH) Ethereum
  • (MATIC) Matic
  • (TRX) TRX

CryptAPI will attempt to automatically convert the value you set on your store to the cryptocurrency your customer chose.

Exchange rates are fetched every 5 minutes from CoinGecko.

Supported currencies for automatic exchange rates are:

  • (USD) United States Dollar
  • (EUR) Euro
  • (GBP) Great Britain Pound
  • (JPY) Japanese Yen
  • (CNY) Chinese Yuan
  • (INR) Indian Rupee
  • (CAD) Canadian Dollar
  • (HKD) Hong Kong Dollar
  • (BRL) Brazilian Real
  • (DKK) Danish Krone
  • (MXN) Mexican Peso
  • (AED) United Arab Emirates Dirham

If your OpenCart's currency is none of the above, the exchange rates will default to USD.

If you're using OpenCart in a different currency not listed here and need support, please contact us via our live chat.

Why choose CryptAPI?

CryptAPI has no setup fees, no monthly fees, no hidden costs, and you don't even need to sign-up!

Simply set your crypto addresses and you're ready to go. As soon as your customers pay we forward your earnings directly to your own wallet.

CryptAPI has a low 1% fee on the transactions processed. No hidden costs.

For more info on our fees click here.

Do I need an API key?

No. You just need to insert your crypto address of the cryptocurrencies you wish to accept. Whenever a customer pays, the money will be automatically and instantly forwarded to your address.

How long do payments take before they're confirmed?

This depends on the cryptocurrency you're using. Bitcoin usually takes up to 11 minutes, Ethereum usually takes less than a minute.

Is there a minimum for a payment?

Yes, the minimums change according to the chosen cryptocurrency and can be checked here

If the order total is below the chosen cryptocurrency's minimum, an error is raised to the user.

Where can I find more documentation on your service?

You can find more documentation about our service on our get started page, our technical documentation page or our resources page.

If there's anything else you need that is not covered on those pages, please get in touch with us, we're here to help you!

Where can I get support?

The easiest and fastest way is via our live chat on our website or via our contact form.

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