OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat

OpenCart WhatsApp Live Chat
Opencart Whatsapp Live Chat module allows the admin to enable Live chat support over the WhatsApp. Customers can ask their queries and get solutions for those queries through WhatsApp chat.

The admin can also create multiple support agents and member types for the WhatsApp Chat window and will need to assign member types to support agents.


1. This module supports all templates and themes including the Journal theme.

2. Opencart WhatsApp Live Chat module supports the Multi-Store feature of default Opencart.

Use Case-

With the help of WhatsApp Live Chat module, customers can get instant solutions for their queries over the WhatsApp chat.

WhatsApp these days is the most popular and instant messaging application in the world so customers can easily ask their queries over WhatsApp by just scanning the QR code for the desired support agents.

This module also helps in building the relationship stronger between customers and support agents by guiding and assisting them for their queries related to the purchases made.


  • The admin can configure this module for the particular store among multiple created stores.

  • The admin can configure the layout setting for the WhatsApp chat support window.

  • The admin can create multiple chat support agents and assign created member types to those support agents.

  • The module supports multi-lingual feature.

  • The admin can enter the title and description for the chat support window.

  • The admin can choose the image of the support team members for the chat support window.

  • The admin can display a welcome message at the chat support window.

  • The admin can enter the initial message for each support agent which will be sent to the customer after scanning the QR code.


After the successful installation of the module, the admin can configure the layout setting of the WhatsApp chat support window. Here, the admin can select the store from multiple created stores, enable and disable the module, enter heading title for multiple languages, enter description for multiple languages.

Under the design/layout setting, the admin can set the position of the WhatsApp icon, button color, popup background color, heading color, text color and can select the extensions to show at the WhatsApp chat window.

Now after configuring the layout setting, the admin can navigate to the WhatsApp section. Here, the admin can manage configuration, support team and member type. The admin can also configure the layout setting through the configuration section.

Manage Support Team-

Here, the admin can create a new support agent, delete the existing agent, edit the multiple chat support agents and filter the support agents for the WhatsApp module.

The admin can create new support agents by clicking on add option and then entering various details.

Manage Member Type-

Here, the admin can create multiple member types, edit member types and delete the member types.

The admin can create member types by clicking on add, entering the member type and then clicking on save.

Customer End-

Whenever the customer will visit the website, a WhatsApp icon will be shown on the position set and by clicking on that icon the WhatsApp window will open where customers can chat with the desired support agent.

Now the customer will click on the desired support agent who the customer wants to chat with and then will have to scan the QR code to chat with the desired support agent.

After scanning the QR code, the customer will be able to chat with the desired support agent.

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