Opencart Headless PWA

Opencart Headless PWA
Opencart Headless PWA uses modern web features that provide a native app experience to users using a web browser. It includes push notification, offline mode, secure connection, cache, and much more.

Front-end of Opencart Headless PWA is developed in React-Js which provides an advanced and rich experience to its users.

Use Case -

Do you have an e-commerce website built using Opencart and want to reach out to more customers using a mobile application of your website which also could be budget-friendly, reliable, fast, and engaging then you’re in the right place.

Using Opencart Headless PWA you can create a Progressive Web Application of your Opencart e-commerce website and let your customers access your website using PWA. The users will experience the same as they are accessing your website on a native mobile app.

Features -

  • It provides a fast user experience to the users as it is lightweight.
  • The users can also use the PWAs in the poor network connection too.
  • Easy to customize because the frontend is built on React JS.
  • Support Push Notifications
  • Works in offline mode.
  • Support Android and IOS.
  • PWA’s are responsive on all the platforms which provide cross-browser compatibility.
  • It provides the feel of a native app.
  • There is no need to update the app regularly as it is not a native app.
  • The users can easily add the app to the home screen by visiting the website.
  • The App provides a better User Interface and fast experience to the users which helps to increase the sale and generate more revenue.
  • The admin can set the splash background color, application header color, application icon, application name, and application’s short name.
  • The Admin can manage or add banner images, notifications, featured products, category icons, and custom collection.

Workflow -

After the successful installation of the Opencart Headless PWA, the admin can manage the module from the admin panel easily.

Here, the admin can enable or disable the module as per their requirements, configure the FCM Authorization Key, enable or disable the notification status, decide the application name and application’s short name, select the application icon, background color for the splash screen along with the application header color as shown in the image below -

Furthermore, the admin can manage the -

  • Banner
  • Notification
  • Featured Products
  • Category Icons
  • Custom Collection

Manage Banners -

The admin can create and manage the already created banners for the Opencart Headless PWA. The admin can select the product or category, link the product/ category as per the selected product or category type, upload the image of the banner, sort the order of the banner and also delete the banner as shown in the image below -

Manage Notification -

One of the powerful tools of Opencart Headless PWA is Push Notification. The admin can create and manage the push notifications from the admin panel and send the push notifications to the customers who have accepted and enabled the push notifications for the Opencart Headless PWA.

Push notifications are the best solution to engage more customers and increase conversion.

Manage Featured Products -

The admin can manage the featured products that will be displayed to the customers at the front-end.

Manage Category Icon -

The admin can assign the icons for the available categories and these icons will be displayed to the customers on the PWA.

Manage Custom Collection -

The admin can create custom collections and assign the products to the created custom collection as shown in the image below -

Front-End View -

Now when a customer will visit your website, the customer will have an option to add the PWA to their home screen as shown in the image below -

After clicking on the Add button, the customer can add the Opencart Headless PWA to the home screen. Now, the customer can open the app and explore your e-commerce store.

Moreover, the customer can log-in, sign-up, add the product to the cart, select the shipping and payment method and complete the checkout.

Customers can also use the Opencart Headless PWAs in a flaky network and in offline mode too. Pages once cached, the customer doesn’t need to load those pages again.

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