Knowband - SEO Redirect Extension

Knowband - SEO Redirect Extension

Do you find difficulty in managing redirection for your website? Well, most store merchants find complications in migrating old URLs to new URLs or rewriting the duplicate URLs at your store. With the help of the Knowband OpenCart SEO Redirect extension, you can easily set up an SEO-friendly URL structure for your website. No, we don't say you to code and you can effortlessly convert the non-SEO URLs to SEO-friendly URLs in one click.

Features of SEO Redirect Extension

Create Secure Links: Gives the ability to convert all the unsecured website links to secure links with https implementation. Avoids “Not Secured” warnings in the web browser thereby maximizing data and transaction security over the web.

Convert Non-SEO URL: With the help of SEO Redirect plugin, you can replace the complicated URL paths with custom keywords that are easy to index in search engines.

Toggle Switch Functionality: With a simple toggle switch, you can enable or disable the whole functionality of SEO plugin for your website. No code modifications are required to implement the SEO redirection for your website.

Boost Organic Traffic: By redirecting non-SEO URL to SEO URL and creating secure links for your store, you can boost organic traffic for your store. Search engines crawl fresh redirects easily in comparison to old URLs.

Create Redirects: Effortlessly redirect all the old URL to a new URL using various redirection types such as 301 redirect, 302 redirects, and 303 redirects. All the redirect history can be simply managed from the back-office.

Manage 404 Redirects: Remove all the deleted pages from your website by implementing 404 redirections for permanently deleted pages. Manage the list of 404 redirect URLs from the backend and help Google to index the correct site pages.

Rewrite Duplicate URL: The plugin also works as a URL cleaner as it allows you to rewrite the duplicate URLs at your store without any manual coding efforts. Change all the default product page and category page links to unique links.

Compatibility Features: This SEO Redirect plugin is multi-store compatible and multi-lingual compatible which makes it both user-friendly and admin-friendly. These SEO-friendly URLs are compatible with mobile web browsers as well.


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