OpenCart Coupon List at Checkout

OpenCart Coupon List at Checkout
Opencart Coupon List at the checkout module provides the option to the admin to create as
many coupons as he wants for the customer. The coupons are created for the whole cart, for the
products, or for the categories by the admin.

The customer can select those coupons at the time of checkout. If the coupons are created for
the product or the category, then that coupons are visible for that product at the cart page.

The admin can enable or disable the plugin from the back-end and can set the limit of the
coupons to show at the cart page on the front-end.

Use Case: ‚Äč The module is useful and helps in the increment of sales on a website by providing
the option to the admin to display the coupons at checkout so that the customer can easily view
the available coupons and apply them to get the discount.

This helps in the increment of the sales as the discounts attract the customers to purchase
more products from the website.


  • The admin can set the number of coupons to show at the cart.
  • Select the coupons to display at the shopping cart.
  • Coupons that are only created for the entire cart is selected by the admin.
  • Customers can view all available coupons on the cart page.
  • The customer can apply a single coupon at a time.
  • Coupons are created for the cart, products, and categories.
  • The customer can view the description of the coupon.
  • The history of every coupon is stored under the coupon history.
  • While creating the new coupon, the admin can decide whether to add in configuration or
  • The admin can enable or disable the status of the coupons.

Workflow -

After the successful installation of the Opencart Coupon List at Checkout, the admin can
manage the module from the admin panel easily.

Here, the admin can enable or disable the module as per their requirements, configure the
module to set the limit of the coupons which are shown at the cart page (front-end) and can
select the coupons from the Select Coupon list to show at the front-end.

The admin can -

  • Create a coupon
  • Add a coupon
  • View Coupons history

Create Coupon -

The admin can create the coupon by adding the coupon name, code, type, amount and then
can select the products, categories on which the coupon will get applied and can select the uses
per coupon, uses per customer and then can enable the coupon.

Add Coupon -

Once the admin creates a coupon and enables the coupon, the coupon will get enabled on the
cart and when the customer adds the product to the cart, the customer can view the available
coupons under the cart.

View Coupon History -

The admin can view the history of the coupon. The history contains the Order Id on which the coupon
can apply, the name of the customer who used that coupon.

Front-End View -

The customer can view all the available coupons at the cart page under the Use Coupon Code.
To know the details about the coupon, the customer can click on the Know More button and the
Customers can click on the Apply Now button to apply the coupons into the cart.

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