OCCleaner - cleaning / optimization / security

OCCleaner - cleaning / optimization / security
OCCleaner - This is a professional cleaning and optimization tool. With it, you can speed up the work and increase the security of your OpenCart store!

Admin panel: demo/demo | Go over

Compatible with OpenCart and OCStore, 2.3.0.x, 3.x

Russian, English

- Cleaning system trash and temporary files;
- Search and delete unnecessary images (smart algorithm for analyzing the database and OpenCart files);
- Cleaning the file system of garbage and residual files;
- Optimization and cleaning of the database;
- Full analysis in one click;
- Maximum provision of information about detected objects;
- Providing security tools for the administrative panel;
- Intuitive and simple interface;
- Works using ajax, without reloading the page;

File System Cleanup
- Cleaning the system cache
- Cleaning image cache
- Cleaning VQMOD cache
- Cleaning log files
- Search and delete unused images
- Search and delete empty folders
- Search and delete unused localizations (language files)

Database optimization
- Search and delete unused options
- Search and delete unused attributes
- Search and delete empty attribute groups
- Search and delete empty categories
- Search and delete products without images

Secret link
Access to the admin panel is only through a secret link. Example: http://suite.ru/admin/?key=value.
Everyone else will get an error - 404 (page does not exist).
IP Blocking
Access to the admin panel only from the specified IP addresses. Everyone else will get an error - 403 (Access denied).
Google Recaptcha v.2
Protecting the login page from password guessing. Unlike free analogues, it does not require additional configuration of a separate Google ReCaptcha module and does not allow validation of login and password until the ReCaptcha verification is completed.

Installation, update, activation
Detailed instructions for installing, updating and activating are in the module archive!

- PHP: >= 5.6.
- PHP module: php_fileinfo.
- Any modern browser with ECMAScript5 support and higher.

If your hosting provider has severe restrictions on memory usage or PHP script execution time, the search function for unused images may not work!

- The license for the module applies to 1 domain + 1 subdomain for free.
- You cannot sell or resell this module without written permission from the author (TimRod).
- You cannot give or distribute this module without written permission from the author (TimRod).
- You cannot represent this module as your own. Please respect the time and work that the author spent on creating this module.
- You cannot delete copyright from module files from the author (TimRod).
- Activation occurs only in the ways specified in the instructions.

If you have a question, a suggestion for expanding the functionality or you find a mistake, write to e-mail: timrod.v@gmail.com or through a personal messaging system.


  • Developed by OpenCart Community
  • 12 Months Free Support
  • Documentation Included



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